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Larry Jenkins

Discovered this quite by accident today..

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3 hours ago, Dadio said:

the drywall sanding pieces are only one grit.

I've purchased it in 100-150-220 grits...


Find a full blown Norton distributor, i.e. Automotive Body Shop Supplier, Industrial Manufacturing Supplier, Building Maintenance Supplier, etc. for Screen Bak sheets...Not good for every application, but works for many, i.e. metal, (ferrous, non-ferrous), wood, and of course drywall.



I've been using Norton Screen Bak, roll form for 30+ years as an abrasive to clean rust, paint, etc. shafts and other parts on the Automotive, Farm, Heavy Equipment applications. Works great to clean copper pipe & fittings before soldering and lasts a long time.





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I live in the dark age.

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