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Looks Great! Hope the doctor comes back with good news

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Pretty good day I'd say. Really beginning to take shape.

Sorry to hear symptoms have returned. Just curious, have you been checked for diabetes?

While I'm considered pre-diabetic, I know if I don't eat or eat properly during the day, I can get pretty shaky late afternoon. Just a thought.

Prayers & thoughts for good news!

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Steve, I don't know how you do it. You manage to spend more time in the shop when you're not feeling well than I could while feeling great.

Hope your MRI results show your issues can be taken care of without surgery.  I've been treated by an Endochronologist for the past 4 years with pills for a  13mm (approx 7/8" diameter) sized growth on the pituitary gland. Pills were supposed to shrink the growth. That didn't happen, but they did stabilize it so that the growth hasn't further enlarged.Your woodworking is obviously your motivation, but do get the rest you need. We want you around here for a long time to come, but more than that your family wants you with them.

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Another masterpiece in the making. 

Sure hope you and the brain doc can get that shaking stuff under control. Best of luck, Steve.

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You're like a Rottweiler Steven...you just keep attacking no matter what the obstacle(s) with a clear vision on what it should be.:P


Seriously though, pace & take care of yourself until you get to meet with the Doc(s). It's OK to take a day or two off to rest a bit.

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5 hours ago, steven newman said:

.wants to learn about handplanes.....  


Same with anyone else,  anyone that wants to visit the shop, just let me know when you are coming....welcome mat is always out.  

Now this is a good Show-n-Tell topic for the Midwest TPW gathering @Fred W. Hargis Jr is planning. :)

BYOB (Bring Your Own Boards) for the attendees. :P

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9 minutes ago, steven newman said:

used that panel to show how to use a plane to level a panel.

You need to get more students...you could even charge them to level your panels with fixing their planes:lol:


Glad you got a little bit of a breather..daughter has a Chrysler T&C...Dodge Caravan clone...you're right, seats are very comfy for snoozing when her & the grand-daughters are shopping.:P

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Between the morning's work in the shop, afternoon of the Boss's shopping trip, and then another trip to the shop...might have got something done, today..


Changed out the bandsaw blade. Ripped a 1 x 4 down.   Ran this thing around..


Actually..I ran both of these....ran a #22 bead cutter around a few parts..


Also this morning, figured out how wide to make the top of the case, and ripped the extra off..


Clamped the stiles in place..


Had to move things around a bit.   needed a bit more room for my fat body....I wanted to mark the rails for length..5aad9f4dc4617_laidout.jpg.c57f0d98f29613fd40acf1e3286a2647.jpg

Better too long, than way too short, eh.    More layout lines, and a bit of work at the bandsaw..


To make these ends.    Then use these to lay out and cut the stiles..


Then dig a few holes..


Until a test fit..


Close...got all four joints done, and a dry fit..


One tenon was a hair too long.   Trimmed that  a bit....then spread some glue and added a few clamps



Will let this sit awhile.( while I peel glue off my fingers:rolleyes:..)  Joints looked decent , enough..


Not too hateful?     As for those sliding dovetails...


No glue was used on it, either....I might be getting the hang of these? :rolleyes:

Need to finish the top, and install the back panel.....and install this face frame....maybe tomorrow?


Stay tuned...

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Whew...I'd say you had a pretty good day.

Looks like you've about maxed out your shop height with this one.

That double bead detail really steps this project up a couple levels.

I'll be here for the next installment. Little else going on.

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