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6 minutes ago, steven newman said:

Ah, there it is..."Lew's Mallet"..  Chopped a few holes in the stiles ( and NOT me)

:lol::D:lol:                                                          Save the blood...may need it tomorrow:P


Glad you're feeling better...take it easy though until you see Doc.

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14 hours ago, steven newman said:

Ah, there it is..."Lew's Mallet"..

She still looks a little naked but apparently still works perfectly, and that's what counts!

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Doctor visit:    Going to get the head scanned.....possible a bleeder inside...will update later...whenever they can get me into  the scanner..


Frame is out of the clamps.....trying to get motivated to do a bit of shop time...

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5 hours ago, lew said:

Take it easy! The project can wait. Don't aggravate the brain!

Ditto...we'll still be here...want you to be also!!

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I'd tack a nap, but.....


But..Maxwell and Miss Bandit are taking up my spot....let sleeping dogs lay....tried out the jointer plane, where it could just stay flat on a board..


10 pounds is still 10 pounds.   I don't care how nice them shavings look...:rolleyes:


Tried out something a little smaller...:ph34r:


Just a tad smaller...still does shavings like it's big brother..


Used both on some edges...as well as the rough sawn faces....after all, I wanted to get this next step done..:ph34r:


So..how much smaller is a jack plane than that #8 jointer?:unsure:


This is the basic set of hand planes everyone says you have to have...Jointer, Jack and Smoother....

They will get a bit of work, once that panel is out of the clamps...stay tuned.. ( need to evict two pups from MY nap spot..)

Edited by steven newman

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17 minutes ago, steven newman said:

Then set up the router..

I love it when you use corded tools,:D

Looking good overall. Glad you're feeling up to spending time in the shop. Don't over-do!

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Ok, build-a-drawer, part 2...


Hauled that new board to the shop...


Lovely, ain't it? Got these all pulled..


Not quite a pound, but..


Trimmed the plywood for a better fit.   used that to figure how long a board I needed for the back of the drawer.  Made a cross cut..


And set these aside, for now... reset the mitre saw for some dado work.   sized the dado needed, squared the lines across, and made a few cuts..


Since I was walking right by the bandsaw, I rounded the back corners a bit.   Dado is to "house" the back, tools and a jig to remove the waste


Big chisel to chop out the waste, Stanley 39 to clean the dado's bottom..got both sides done...almost..


Centered in the dado....countersunk pilot holes.   I do not rely just on glue here. 

Time to spread some glue, and grab most of the clamps in the shop...


Diagonal to pull things square....


Bench is full of clamped up drawer....guess I get the rest of the day off?    Will let the glue cure...tomorrow, maybe:rolleyes: I take the clamps off, and clean things up.    Need to install a couple knobs, too...stay tuned....

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MRI today....ruined a Monday afternoon...still have a huge headache...waiting for word on how the scan went...


A few toys were used..


Clamped the drawer in the vise, and trimmed the dovetails.   Laid the drawer on it's top..marked a line to show the middle of the back board.


Used a large square to mark this...then a few screws..


One in the center, and one halfway to each side....groove will hold the edges.    I don't trust nails...

Ok, how do you make a knot...vanish?


Well, I drilled a  hole, right through the center of the knot...then a bolt and some glue..


Right before this knob was installed..I transferred the location to the other end of the drawer, so both knobs are the same..


Starting to think a coat of Golden Oak, and a couple coats of shellac...might dress this up..


Need to take this over to the drill press..


THIS one.   Not much good for anything else..might as well make the plugs from this..


Cuts a 3/8" tapered plug.    Maybe tomorrow, if the head feels better...I can cut a bunch of plugs, and install them.

Stay tuned..


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33 minutes ago, steven newman said:

Starting to think a coat of Golden Oak, and a couple coats of shellac...might dress this up..

That would definitely make that drawer front stand out and give the overall unit a warm glow.

Take 2 or 3 ibuprofen and call it a day. Praying for good MRI results. 

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