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steven newman

A very short Rust Hunt

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Well, first we dropped off Craig at his job, then stopped to check on Mom......not a good time....Call button wasn't working....she needs help to get out of bed....so, somehow she now has a Urinary tract infection, too...along with too many painkillers.    Got the nurses motivated, then my sister arrived, and really motivated them....


They were working on mom when we left....with my sister playing strawboss....


On the way back home from there, stopped at a store, for a little rust hunting....$9 +sales tax..


A little 8" sweep brace, with a "Bonus" of sorts..


A VERY minty Craftsman 13/16" bit.     Got home, did a wire wheel change, and the cleaned things up..


Almost like new?   Wonder IF Craftsman would replace it?   :rolleyes:

As for that brace?


The only markings I found, were on the chuck..


A Goodell Pratt, from Greenfield, MASS., USA....PAT. Dec 27, 1892.   That "loop" is a gear shift.  Flip it to one side, or the other, chuck now will ratchet,  center it up, and no ratcheting will happen.   I think I know where Millers Falls got the idea about the top attachment..


As Goodell Pratt used the same thing. 

Was kind of a so-so day....and 1-2"  of fresh snow..grrrrr.

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1 minute ago, lew said:

Sorry to read about your Mom. Hope  she improves.

Same here. I know it can be stressful for all...BTDT...


Sweet find on the old G-P and especially the Craftsman bit...see it still has paint on the chuck drive end. That's pretty cool to find one that pristine. Gotta' be from the 50's???

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