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I doubt you offended anyone Artie. When Whittier was built  and finally opened in 1972 some scoffed at the idea, but over the years, it has proven itself, not only with the trades but academically. I don't know anything about Northeast Metropolitan Regional, but I,m sure they are providing the same quality education. I agree, It's time for the state to step up to at least provide the funding that it had promised during construction. 

 Wish you could have played chess with my son.He was never on any chess team but, he played members of the high school chess team, as well as some other quality players.Eventually none of the HS team players would play with him. He studied Fisher and really played the game with a passion.

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If your son studied chess at all, I’m sure he would beat me. That doesn’t bother me, as long as I can make my opponent stop to think, once in a while, I don’t feel completely outclassed . I did play someone who had actually played Bobby Fischer in a round table tournament (he lost, but lasted longer than the others). I won the first game because he didn’t take me as a serious threat, but I never won again, against him. Think the losing ended at around 20 games. He was good. Chess is probably the only game I could lose at and still enjoy. (I can be such a sore sport LOL)

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