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2 minutes ago, John Morris said:

If someone wanted to use this method, isn't there a way to do this without being hands on? Are you able to hook it all up, stand back and flip a switch?

Yes,John,and there are people who do this too. They make a set up where the probes are touching the wood and the machine is plugged into a switched outlet. Then they stand across the room and flip a switch.

They have no control of what the pattern does or how they turn out and when to shut off machine before the 2 patterns meet which sometimes causes a flareup and a large burned area. BUT this is a safe way to use the technique. The results are not as spectacular as the ones that are hands on. However you are alive  to look at it ,whereas the other way you might not be.

One of the safety requirements are that the gloves you wear must be High Voltage rated for 15,000 volts and tested after use by a certified testing lab. This is expensive,around $250. for the gloves and I have heard over $100. to test.

The reason I think this type of thing should be only performed by companies certified to do this work is that people don't understand the risks or how dangerous high voltage is to work with.

Just my opinion,


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John yes you can. But the AAW has stated that they will not promote or demo the method until more education and safer methods are available (not exact words). The problem is that the transformers used for this is putting out voltage way up the 10,000 plus range and most people are ignorant of the dangers . Some people think rubber gloves will protect you.....NOT. So I would suggest stay away unless you are an electrical expert.

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