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John Morris

Good Monday Morning Patriot Woodworkers! December 31st, 2017

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Good Monday Morning!

Good Monday morning Patriot Woodworkers! What did you get done over the weekend, and what have you planned for the week ahead! Inquiring minds want to know. Please tell us what's happening in your shops, your life, and any events going on with you. Thank you for being here folks!




Happy New Year!

2018 has been a wonderful year for The Patriot Woodworkers, and the reason is you. You, the member, the guest, the forum host, our sponsors, the admins, everyone who touches this community in some way or form contributes to the success of this online community. And we thank you!

  • To our members, thank you for being here, day in and day out, contributing, learning, mentoring, collaborating, and for passionately supporting the men and women who serve our nation through our fundraisers and projects.
  • To our guests, thank you for being here and visiting our community, you are a very important part of our growing online community, you visit, you read, and you share with others thus in turn attracting more folks to visit us. When you are ready, we would love to have you here, so please consider Signing Up and connecting with some wonderful folks and woodworkers!
  • To our sponsors, thank you Woodcraft, Laguna Tools and Easy Wood Tools, for your support of our community and our veterans and military projects we are involved in throughout the year. You are completely appreciated, and you are not taken for granted, our economy can roll up and down and sideways, and we completely understand that financial support of our community can dry up in a heartbeat with the tough business decisions you have to make. So we thank you sponsors, from the bottom of our hearts, for financing this online community.
  • NOTE: We currently have three sponsors of our woodworking community, between them we raise around $3400.00 for the entire year, that is our gross income for The Patriot Woodworker, our sponsors funds help pay our hosting fees, software licensing fees, outside development fees, and we manage to have enough left over to help a few very deserving veterans in need with woodworking tools, supplies and assistance. By the end of the year, we are pretty much zeroed out, with a few dollars left in our account. If you would like to sponsor our woodworking community, or if you have connections with a retailer (who will not conflict with our current sponsors) we would love to bring you or them aboard! Ok, that was my shameless plug for the year!:)


New members

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What's It

Our December "What's It" is closing tonight, so far we do not have a clear subject answer with references, we still have a beautiful Woodriver Low Angle hand plane that will go to the winner of the current months "What's It". Please visit the topic and provide your answer!


Featured image of the week

These types of chairs (Pinnstol in Swedish) are manufactured in great numbers in the w:Småland province; and even more so a hundred years ago.

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ASwedish_Windsor_Chairs.jpg




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sunday?  -  close enough.


checking on a simple pine bowl later, see if it needs another coat of poly.


then planning starts for an oak bowl, have to see how much material i have on hand and how big a bowl i can make.


after that, not much planned for the shop in the near future.


come spring, planning starts for my office renovation:  new book cases, new desk for myself, new storage cabinet/sink base (yes, my office has a sink, and a fire place - converted bedroom).

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1 minute ago, Stick486 said:


it's not....

you pushing for double Mondays now???

Groundhog Day! NOT!

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all I need to start drinking early, here's to ya all. O heck I'm at that age I forgot I don't drink.:D:D

Happy new year to everyone


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1 hour ago, John Hechel said:

Oh great. I saw this and dropped everything to rush to work. Now here I stand doing every ones work thinking they are all too hungover to get up this morning



3 hours ago, HandyDan said:

WOW!  For a minute there I thought it was one of those New Year's Eves that I don't remember. 




Hot coffee through a nearly frostbit nose really hurts but worth it today!!:lol:

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3 hours ago, GerryinBelleRiver said:

Continuing to build the wooden cab frame for a 1929 Ford Model AA flat bed truck

Hey Gerry great to see ya' posting again...

When you get a chance, love to see pictures of this...

Can't beat woodworking and vehicle restoration combo

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I hate to talk about the cold and wind here... knowing that some of y'all would be in t shirts and shorts here right now:rolleyes:

But I am hunkered down in the house with the thermostat notched up a degree "or so" and doing my best to hold off a cold.

I am taking this time to do some vinyl designs and planning for 2018 renovations which will likely be the stair way and most of the downstairs ceilings.

Tomorrow - Monday - I "may" catch a little football.  Maybe a lot of football...

Go Dawgs!!!


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2 hours ago, John Robert Gallivan JR. said:

Good luck to all in the coming year.

Right back at ya' John. Great first post and welcome to the Patriot Woodworker. Great to have you here with us and hope ya' come back often. Looks like we're only about an hour +/- apart via I-74 so nearly next door neighbors.:P

2 hours ago, John Robert Gallivan JR. said:

Also having received some tools and material items for Christmas, needed to make a place for them

OK if you're gonna gloat about it, then we need to see pictures...not all of us got cool stuff for Christmas unless you count coal:lol:

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