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steven newman

Will be a project for 2018?

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Snow started just after 4pm around here....The Boss decided she wanted to go shopping.....so, now I am sitting here with a steaming bowl of "Beef Flavoured" Pho.    Maybe after that settles in,  I might waddle to the shop...is it Springtime..yet?

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2 hours ago, steven newman said:

..is it Springtime..yet?

NO...80d 16h 35m and...

still snowing here...pushing 4" mark

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Have at  least an inch so far.....


Little saw cut the plywood like butter..


A 5-3/8" blade, on a 6" saw....works for me.   Besides, it is a Vintage Saw..


Once I figured out the size the panels needed to be.    Wound up with two shelf panels.   Being BORG lumber, of course they bowed a bit

We have ways...


Place it to where the bow comes out at the ends, clamp in the leg vise, and to the side of the bench.  The other two clamps..


To pull the top edge straight, besides, I needed something extra for this "fat-arsed" thing to slide on..


Set up to make a cut like this..


Reset this a few times, two cuts on each end, on two shelves= 8 cuts.   Cussing was in full gear...Used a shoulder plane to "fine tune"  the cuts.


Finally, decided to hammer this thing together...


No glue was needed.   This is the back of the case.   Need to cut a 1/4" plywood panel to close this back off. 



Figure between the back panel, and the face frame, these two won't be going anywhere. 

Laid the blank for the top of the case  onto this mess...


this stands just under 36" tall, case is 24" wide.    With the face frame on the front, it will be almost 18" deep.  Top will add some  more to the width and depth.   need to make two webframes..tomorrow.   Then, see about ripping stock to make the face frame.   Maybe by next week, I can do a drawer and a door.  


Once this "base unit" is done and out of the shop.....I can start on the upper unit...Stay tuned...

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I'll be here mostly...between the snow and kids home for the next 3 days:wacko:

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Started to haul stuff to the shop this morning....had a problem....the drill I have been using, the battery died.   Brought both chargers to the shop...and tossed one into the trash can.   Soo.


Luckily, the other charger does it's job.    Leaves me without this drill, though.   There IS a spare in the shop..


But, I can't get there, from here.....soo..


I had to haul #3 down to the shop.....I also set up my "Sliding Mitresaw"


You were expecting something with a cord.   That 1 x 2 leaning over there?   Needed to cut it down to make a few parts.   Two webframes.

Got the long parts all cut to length.   Then cut the shorter ones.    Then figured out what size tenons to make..


These go on the ends.  Have the tenons made, need to chop a few mortises.   Dug up an old jig..


I fasten this to the bench, so I can clamp a part into the jig..


I use the tenon to mark out a mortise.   Backsaw at an angle, then a mortise chisel to pop the waste out...test fit each one...


Three more to do.   Then a bit of assembly work.   glue on the tenons, use a clamp to pull things together, add a couple small nails to hold until the glue dries.....the add a kicker..


Just needs to be close to center, and close to square.   All it is there for, is to keep the drawer from tipping down, when you pull it out. 

Decided to install this in the case....


Which  meant I needed to drill some pilot holes ( oversized ones) to use the #6 x 2" screws.   A blob of glue is in the middle.   None on the ends.   Clamp to help hold things while I used the driver to drive 6 screws.   Frame is flush with the top edge.    I will also be attaching the case's top to this frame.


So, this is where I am at...besides at Lunch.   Need to build the other webframe.   Need it or the drawer to slide on. 

Waiting on Lunch to settle out, then MAYBE another trip to the shop?

Stay tuned..

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Was quite a busy day, yesterday.    Second frame is also completed, and installed..


This will let the drawer slide in and out.   Details?


I didn't add any glue to the center of the frame.  Each screw is about in the center of each board in the glued-up side panels. 

Now the "fun" part of the day.....I also hauled a plank of Ash to the shop.....marked out what I needed to cut for the stiles of the face frame..


And clamped it to the top of the bench...


I run the vise all the way out, to act as a support for the cut-offs.   I WAS going to use the Disston D-23


Only to find out, that the "set" of the teeth was also..gone....we have ways...


Cuts like butter.  Disston D-112.  Cuts nice and straight.   Never got close to the metal rods underneath, BTW. 

Had one blank @ 35" long, and a shorter blank.   Set up the bandsaw to make rip cuts @ 1-1/2" wide


Yep, same rip fence/router guide/circular saw guide Home-made contraption I used earlier.   Cleat against the end of the table, and a single clamp on this end.   Took a while, but...


I got two decent blanks for the stiles, and a not so decent one.   Good news, the "bad" section is on the far end, where the blank makes a big curve.

While the saw was set up, I ran the shorter blank through..


Long skinny was from the stile cuts.  I trimmed the shorter blanks into stock for the rails.....and the bad stile became a rail, too


laid two on edge.   The other two are laying on the stiles.   Undecided about that "live edge", whether to add it to the bottom rail as a glue up...or, use it elsewhere.   All four are the same length, now.    I allowed for a 1/2" tenon on each end.   May get busy on that, later today.

Decided to add corner blocks to the top webframe, to make things easier to attach the top.  Once the top's blank is on, and pulled flat, I can work it over a little bit better.    Trim the edges,  dress it up a bit....and flatten it up.  

I think that will do for this year's work.....maybe next year, I can finish this project...stay tuned..

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See ya' next year when work resumes...Oh wait, tomorrow is Monday :o

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Sounds like you need to get back to the party before you are missed

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One Nitro pill seemed to do the trick.....some dummy forget to take his meds yesterday:unsure:


Had to go to the closed woodshop today...and replace a burnt out light bulb...then promptly left the place...



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Good decision to take a break.

Glad things are OK otherwise.

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Lot of errands to run today.....finally meandered to the shop late....Spent most of the time trying to get something flat


Between this and a beltsander.....made a mess..


Besides the floor, made a mess on me.   Still not perfectly flat, will do for now.   Need to do the same to the sides.   Later..


The Good News for today?  Well I got this frame out of the clamps....and...


It didn't blow up, or fly apart.   It is off by a 1/16"   in width, clamps should fix that.   Tested the blank for the drawer, that I WAS going to use....not.

Up & Down it was a bit too tight...side to side it was way too short.    It will NOW be a raised panel in one of the doors.  


had to break up a cat fight....got a couple holes in my hand...old Tom got a size 11 shoe up his rearend, on the way out the door.  There are a couple garages nearby, that he also stays in.....until he learns his "manners"....


Might need a few extra hands, this week, when I glue the face frame in place....going to take about every clamp I have in the shop....and enough cussing to make R. Lee Ermy ...blush....stay tuned

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OK...decided that I could install the next wider cutter in the Stanley #45 ( from a #12 to a #13) and cutter the grooves a tad wider towards the outside edges of the frame.   Changing the cutter was the easy part....widening the groove was a PITA.   Let alone clamping the frame to the bench's top...


Dug around, found one of only two Veritas tools in the entire shop....a 3/8", tapered, plug cutter.    Then had to dig around and find the set of Forstner bits...and hope the 3/8" one was in there...( it was :))  then figure out HOW to hold the frame AND operate the drill press to counter-bore 9 holes....


Batteries on the cordless drills were needing charged up.   Got out a vintage drill....a Ward's Powr Kraft 3/8", keyed chuck, corded drill...all metal,too.


It even had a drill bit in the chuck, and was ready to drill 9 pilot holes.   Was a lot easier than using the drill press, BTW.    Got some clamps laid out, glue bottle is ready, box of screws handy....all set for the morning's follies:rolleyes:   Should be an entertaining time....:angry:

Film when it all happens......names will be changed, to protect the guilty:ph34r:  Stay tuned..:)

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Hmmm...while getting ready to meander  to the shop....got to looking at a plank....decided it MIGHT make an interesting drawer front..


Boss says it adds "Character", maybe if I can center that knot....other side was a bit plain..


Ummm, it was merely skip planed.  I can see why.    Only need 21" for the drawer front, maybe I can avoid the bad parts..


Ummm, yeah,  we'll see.   Got the rest of the supplies to haul to the shop, might as well get it over with..installed.jpg.aa43e1ad80922a5befcf402a7a06c5df.jpg

Lots of glue, 9 screws and even more clamps....and a bit of cussing......big box end wrench and a large phillips screwdriver to help turn a few cranks

Well...this bay in the shop is done, for the day.   Will let this sit a day, or two.    Need to add a couple drawer guide strips, to keep the drawer where it is suppose to go.   Glue and a couple nails to install.   LATER.  


Hauled that drawer front plank to the shop.....one end had a split.   marked a line to get rid of it....checked where the knot was...needed to move the line a bit further in...


As for down at the far end...


This was causing more curves than a Pin-up Girl ....Might get rid of it as well.   Board was a bit long for where the Langdon could be used...couldn't get to it, anyway.    Decided to use the old school way..


Disston D-112.    Seemed to do the job..need a better operator, though..:rolleyes:


Still, wasn't too hateful a cut.   Moved things down about 21" or so, made another cut..


Drawer front?   Maybe a two knob drawer? :unsure:....Cleaned up the ends, and checked for square..


Not too bad?   Well, the 3 x 21" beltsander is DOA....and on it's way to the trash can.   Groans worse than I do.  Front and back of the drawer front needed to be flattened....can no longer beltsand it flat....back to old school again...


Old No. 4....."Good side" was bowed up in the middle, "inside" was on the top & bottom edges.    I also filled the nasty knot with a bit of glue, and some sanding dust.   Back was starting to act up, again....time to call it a day. 


Maybe tomorrow, I can start on building a drawer?   Have a 1 x 6 x 6'  for the drawer sides, and some 1/2 " Poplar for the back of the drawer. 

Stay tuned...

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A day to build a drawer?   Do you want the entire story, or just the high (low) lights?  :rolleyes:


Going to be a long post....maybe I could post it in sections...to allow bathroom breaks?:ph34r:

Ok, here we go.. Hauled the Pine plank to the shop....set up to cut a pair of drawer sides....had all the useful tools handy..:unsure:


Clamp, squares, knife for a knifewall pencil. a handsaw...and a green can....marked a line to saw..



There is a "dog" behind the edge of the board.  Big clamp to hold things still, rubbed the toothline with a candle...


Cuts like butter.  Disston No. 7, 10ppi.  Cut two sides...had to use the mitre box to trim one end square, and matched for length to the other..now, being from the same board, you'd have thought these would be the same width?    Nope.   Ganged them up, and into the vise...


See the difference?    Got out the Millers Falls No.14 Jack plane.    Ran that until shaving were equal..


Then laid one aside, and laid out a few cut lines on the other..


Bandsaw for this sort of thing.   Tails first?   Time for some chisel work..


Half way through, then flip over..


Then rinse and repeat..


I used a helping hand, to lay out the pins....


Sharp pencil to trace around...then some more saw work..


Then the chisels took over.   Soon, I was able to do a dry fit...


Yeah, yeah...a little out of practice.    Got both ends done.   Time to mill a couple dados, to house the back of the drawer...

The Stanley 45 was still set up for grooves, didn't feel like changing it over, sooo..raised the depth stops on the mitre box


Marked a pair of lines on each drawer side,1/2" in and 1" in from the back edge.  Made a couple cuts..


Just needed a way to remove the waste....a big chisel to pop most of it out....


And that Stanley #39  3/8"  dado plane.    Had to adjust it's depth stop, but.


Doesn't  do too bad?   Then repeat for the second dado.....As  for the Stanley 45....it had work to do,,, once I got a jig set up...


Then run the 45 until the depth stops hit the pine.  Then readjust the jig. and plough the front...



Then a dry fit, to size the plywood panel for the drawer bottom, and test for fit..


Clamp to make sure the sides don't get wider than they should... with this done, I could size the back.    1/2" thick poplar plank, crosscut to length, ripped to width.   Test fitted and planed to fit


We're gaining on it.....Needed three pilot holes drilled in each dado,  as I use screws to hold the back in place,  and countersunk


Then a lot of glue got spread around and a bit of cussing, too.    Got the screws and clamps in place, but the plywood wasn't fitting just right.  Checked the diagonals,....yep box out a touch....added a diagonal clamp..


And pulled things around, until this big old square was happy, happy..


That be a 10" square.    So, now I am waiting on the glue to cure overnight....tomorrow I might get thing fine tuned to fit...

Stay tuned:ph34r:

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Well, guess I should meander down to the shop, today.    Remove the clamps and clean up the drawer, so it will at least fit IN the cabinet....


Thinking about a single door.    Too many problems with two skinny doors....one larger door might be better.   Will still get a raised panel, in a frame.    Need to start ripping some parts, and glue up a panel.....first need to get that drawer done...and OFF my bench:angry:


Stay tuned.....

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OK, "Hide yer eyes, Mabel !"   Drawer is out of the clamps, dovetails and other things cleaned up5a5269e789a4f_cleanedup.jpg.66a84b3331f35e987723039379281e56.jpg

I guess it will  just have to do.....Handles have been installed, wood drawer guides installed, test for fit..


 Kind of plain handles..


Need to plug those holes.....might just use the Ash scraps.....Not sure IF there is enough Walnut...

Next up?    Build a door....

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