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steven newman

Will be a project for 2018?

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Sounds like fun, Steve. 

You could save some wood, and frame some brass painted chicken wire for the door. Go country. But, as cheap as you got that ash, probably wouldn't be saving a bunch. 

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What doors it will have, will have a raised panel set into them..


"Plan" :ph34r:seems to be a "Base unit", and a Book case upper unit.     Going to build the base unit first, as it will take the most wood.


Been looking at "Step back cupboards"    Will build this one as two units.   Base unit will have one raised panel door.    There will be a middle shelf, and the bottom shelf.   Thinking there will be a drawer made.  :ph34r:

Once that is done, I can see what lumber I need to buy, to build the bookcase.    Looking like a pair of smaller doors, with a couple shelves inside.   Shelves may or may not be adjustable.   Backs on both units will be plywood. 


Will be a nice way to begin 2018 projects...:D.

Need to find Mr. Gumption...I have panels to glue up...:unsure:

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Well....weather outside the window turned ugly...


Almost as ugly as this plank, that I hauled to the shop..


Other end wasn't any better.    There was a huge knot about in the middle, causing things to curve..


Thought I could cut the waney ends off, leaving a blank long enough to use in the top panel...


I didn't need something this wide, so a couple STRAIGHT lines, about 2-1/2" apart..


Yes, there are two lines there....bandsaw to remove the lines...


I kept the middle chunk.    Jointer planes of all sizes worked over all the edges, trying to get a nice glue ready edge...some will not see any glue...


Well, I do need a rebate along the back edge.   I ran a plane along this, just to straighten it out a bit

About this time, camera's battery started to die, my back was acting up....:angry:..once all the edges were jointed and marked as to what goes where...called it :ph34r:


LUNCHTIME!  :D  Awaiting the battery to charge back up, and the back to settle down.    Need to get panel #1 out of the clamps, and #2 into the clamps....

Moving at the speed of smell..:unsure:...stay tuned..:)

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Took the Holiday weekend off from the shop.....

Since it is now after Midnight here, and it is NOW  Tuesday morning....


Four chunks of 1/4 sawn Ash has been glued up into something that seems to resemble  a panel for the case's top.   Will try to get side #2 glued up later today.....maybe in the afternoon?   We'll see...


Stay tuned....Happy Holidays!

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Panel #2 is now sitting in the clamps.....


$50 Lowes Gift Card is burning a hole in me pocket.......I suppose I should do a bit of shopping?


9 above outside...hope you all didn't leave any Brass Monkeys outside.....

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Steve did I notice some bug holes in one of those ash planks? I had blue hell for three or four years with some powder post beetles. I would draw a small circle around each hole, then put the poison on each board and kinda separate all the ash from the other and repeat the poison every month or so and each time check to see if any more holes with out the circles around the holes had formed since the last poisoning...if so, circle those holes, poison again and again and again. Boy I got really good at making little circles. Finally for some of the wood I had to cut down to where it would go in my microwave and zap the bugs there....


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Steve I never seen a live powder post beetle in the few years I spent trying to get rid of them either. It seems like I read where they only come out to bred then go back in the wood. That must have been at night when I was asleep.

The reason I circled the holes was to confirm there were still live insects somewhere...

  The stuff I ordered to kill them was from a place in Ohio.    These county extension agents here in Texas never heard of powder post beetles...

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Ok, got a few supplies at the Blue Borg, today..

a 1 x 6 x 4'...drawer sides

2 @ 1 x 2 x 6'...webframes

1/4" x 2' x 4'  plywood panel...bottom of the drawer, back of the case.

A Shopsmith 36 grit "Ceramic" belt for my beltsander......to hog off the worst of the high spots.....found out an old plane works nice, when removing dried up glue squeeze outs


A Stanley SW #70 Scraper plane.    They used to use these to remove shipping labels off of wooden crates, so they could be re-used. 

Used a Junior jack to finish leveling things out, after the sander was done....


Millers Falls No. 11....I was going across the grain, peeling off the high spots the sander missed....fine tuned with a smaller plane..


The tape is more for a grip, not a repair.  Dragged out the framing square, and squared the ends to match each other.   Beltsander to even the cuts...one panel was a bit wider than the other, marked that out, and bandsawed the excess off..( these are not exactly light weight panels, either..)


So, now I have two panels for the sides of the case,  flattened, square, and matched for width....almost.   Need to trace out a foot profile on the bottom edges, and saw those out.   Tomorrow, I might work on the top panel..


Or..let it sit a while...while I work on building the case.   Need dados or sliding dovetails to install two 3/4" plywood shelves,   and build two webframes for a drawer to sit in.    Still moving at the speed of Smell.:(....stay tuned.:rolleyes:

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Tuning a bit fuzzy with this cold, but will adjust the rabbit ears tomorrow...

Speed of smell doesn't bother me much right now with all the congestion.

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There is a couple smells from today, though....


On the way back home this afternoon ( trip to Lowes) passed a field where a farmer was spreading.....area Dairy Farmers empty their Lagoons, to spray on fields in the area....usually with the wind blowing across the roadway....hard to keep that smell out of the van..


The other smell?    Well between 3/4" thick Ash being cut, and this old vintage saw running.....with my chin on the top..


That "motor smell" about 6" from my nose....yuck.   Sabre saw was bought new, back about 1970....

I traced out a pattern to make a foot to the panels....laid each panel flat on the bench, with the cutting area hanging out in mid-air.   Clamped it down, and made the cuts.     Front roller on the sander to clean things up.....didn't burn any wood, though...Then clamped both panels back to back along the bench, I wanted one good edge along the fronts of the panels...


Clamped together so they didn't move, and clamped to the bench.    Like the profiles of the feet?

Used a couple planes to straighten the edges...


The big one is an Ohio Tool Co. No. 0-7, the wee one is a Millers Falls No. 11. 

I want to be able to run the Stanley 45 along these two edges, to make the tongue part of the T & G joint to hold the face frame in place.   Didn't want any gaps.. As for them feet..


Well, they do look better than my own two feet...:unsure::rolleyes:

Need to set up a couple other tools...something about a batten as a guide strip?    Have a few sliding dovetails to make....doubt IF the 45 can do those...


Stay tuned

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Roh Kay, Raggy....snuck back down to the shop....got one panel laid out as to where the shelves and web frames go..



Even used the drawer front to help locate things.   Laid out for two web frames, allowing for the face frame


 I also set up where the two shelves would be...


With a centerline.   The combo was set to the center of this thing..


3" from the center of the bit, to the edge of the router.   Why?


So I can set up the fence, to guide the router.   Fence?


My  Home Made Fence...can be used to guide not only a router, but a circular saw as well.    It has even been a rip fince on a DeWalt Jobsite tablesaw...

Back at the wider end, there is a cleat, at 90 degrees to the long edge.   I clamped the fence in place, but double checked for square..


Which is also the same square I laid out everything with.    Panel is clamped to the bench, router set for depth of cut....but not plugged in....not going to press my luck anymore tonight...When pictures start looking this shaky..:unsure:


Time to call it a night.    Maybe in the morning, eh? :rolleyes:  Bought the router at Sears, years ago, right when this model first came out. 

Well, that is enough for one day.....stay tuned..:)

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19 hours ago, steven newman said:

Like the profiles of the feet?

Yep I do too. "Half circle" would be great place to carve in a motif of some sort.

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Well, this morning was a not so great day in the shop...got a couple grooves made..


Bottom groove was a hair off....


"Missed it by that much, Chief"...but the other one was right on the money..


Used this panel to lay out the other panel...got things all set and ready to go.....started the cut...


The bit laying there is a "spare"    because...


Snapped!  Grrrr, of course Lowes didn't have any of these bits, unless you bought an entire set,  same with Harbor Freight...I completed the cut with the spare, but the single flute bit merely burned it way through.   Finally found a new bit at Menard's tonight..


CMT Contractor series, just over $10... The brass wire wheel is for the grinder...$5 at H-F.....one other item tonight ( besides Kewpie Hamburgers for supper)...goodies.jpg.50c8982c4b2e71b9a0a911de0d8cbf98.jpg

My little SKIL saw gets a new blade!     I can't find a 6" blade, and 6-1/2" blades will NOT fit.    Figured I can cut the plywood panels with this new blade...


With all the running around today....I am plumb worn out...might wait til tomorrow to go to the shop...need a nap.  

Stay tuned

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If that's like most "brass" wire wheels i see these days, it's only brass plated steel wire and not really brass.   I don't know why a real brass wire wheel is so hard to find and so blamed expensive, but they're way more than a steel wire wheel.

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Saw blade is now on the SKIL circular saw, will give it a test drive later.    Router bit has been set up and used..


Cut was a hair too shallow, adjusted the depth, made a second pass, no problems.   Panel is sitting like this, because I was using the Stanley 45 for a while, this morning...


First up, a 3/16" tongue cutter.   Wanted a tongue to align the glue joint for the face frame. 


The chest of drawers that holds all the "extra" chisels?   It sticks out just enough..


Makes a nice place to rest a panel on, while I plane it.   Got the front edge of both panels done.....had to rest the Stanley 45...


A #17 straight cutter.   To cut a rebate for the 1/4" plywood back to sit in....


Both skates are on the wood...barely.   Somehow, I got it deep enough for a scrap of the plywood to sit flush with the edge..


A few knots were getting in the way.    I managed to get both panels done.   I set aside the panels, and the Stanley 45...for now.   

I needed to get these joints milled, so I can size the shelves and webframes to fit.    Don't want them to stick  out the back of the case:unsure::rolleyes::(

Maybe after Lunch, I can cut the plywood for two shelves?   Maybe get a start on the webframes?   We'll see....stay tuned..

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