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Obligatory picture of the hoard.


On the left is the #30 that started me getting these.


The new MF #185a I'll start using is in the middle next to the #41y that was my user.  I have a #41 somewhere


To the left of the #185a is the screwdriver I use.  Those two are in my toolbox to use.  The rachet is controlled by rotating a ring.  It's much smoother than the slide switch on all the others. It looks like the MF #29.  I don't know what the Yankee/Stanley model equivalent is.  This one was made in West Germany. 


To the left of that, are 2 plastic #233 types, neither Stanley.  The white one is a Kunz.  On the other I have the countersink bit.  I usually grab the countersink on my brace instead.


On the right is a #45, the 1st push drill I bought next to a Craftsman version and the miserable plastic drill.  At the top are the 130 & 131 and a container of all my drill bits that are not in a push drill.  Its nearly full.



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Sweet collection Tom. Even more cool, you're finding projects to use. Glad others find the desire to rescue and preserve these great old tools.


22 hours ago, tbuskey said:

Obligatory picture of the hoard.

FWIW, I think to be considered "hoarding" one must exceed 30; at least that's my story and sticking to it.;)


22 hours ago, tbuskey said:

and the miserable plastic drill. 

I've got one or two of the blue handled like that. They also made it with black handles. Probably got a couple of those too. Not sure which is the newest; black or blue or if Stanley made the concurrently.

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