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Carbide turning tools

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 When Rockler came out with their version of these tools, I'd never seen one before, I like the idea. I waited until they were on sale and got the set of 3 for small for mini lathes. I do use them a lot and like them. They have a lot of great qualities and can be rotated for another cutting surface. I also resharpen mine on a diamond hone. I do not have a parting tool with a carbide head. That may be my next purchase.  I still use some of my HSS tool, but not much.

If you were to rate the carbide cutting tools on a 1 to 10 scale (10 is tops)  what would your rating be?

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Use mine exclusively- Easy Wood Tools. I did have to re-learn how to turn beads. Still use a couple of shop thin parting tools and some specialty tools for crush grind pepper/salt grinders.  One thing I've learned is that these tools will produce awesome cuts when  doing shear cutting.

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I have some home made tools and some store bought tools (a couple of Easy Wood tools included).  The tools I rate as all similar in quality.  The Easy Wood carbide inserts are the only ones I would rate as a 10.  Sure there may be some as good that I haven't tried but I stick with the tried and true because they work.  Here are some pictures of tools I made.





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I tend to use conventional tools but I do have some home made carbide tools and like Dan, a couple EWT's. The fit and finish on the Easy Wood tools are superior and they are definitely 10's. Just today I thinking about the easy finisher. I'm turning Christmas globes from segmented plywood blanks I make. The combination of the glue in the plywood and the yellow glue I use to make the blanks is death to a cutting edge. 



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