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Kerf Spacing Calculator for Bending Wood

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Welcome @Blocklayer to TPW...great to have you here...Ironic, I visited your site just a couple days ago. It was linked in a You-Tube video I watched re: building gambrel roof trusses. Most excellent information available there. Thanks.


However, it is the protocol all new members furnish donuts...Your turn is today...make mine chocolate iced, chocolate please...Hope to see more posts and sharing of your talents and knowledge here!

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Welcome Greg, I'm still exploring some of your links that Dave posted the other day...


Glad you could join the fun...but, alas, you need to bring doughnuts to the party...but, since there are a bunch of doughnut hogs here, and I seem to be the one always late to the party, I'll settle for a piece of Deep Dish Apple pie...and since you brought your excellent calculators, I'll let you slide on the Vanilla ice cream.



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On 10/10/2017 at 1:32 AM, Blocklayer said:

that's real interesting.  It is trying to give you a completely  closed kerf,  blades can't be under .1

I input to get a 6" radius and it only wanted 10 cuts.  if I wanted a more round-ish exterior I'd use more than that.

I thought I was missing depth of cut  but they  use the opposite  referring to the wood remaining after the kerf cut.  Min Thickness

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