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The Worth of the Site

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Well stated Ron...IMHO, we're not just a community here but a big 'ole family located all over.  TPW  gives us the conduit to connect, check-in/on with each other and hold frequent reunions.

The bonus is we get to share our common passion while learning from and helping one another.  There truly isn't any other place like TPW on the internet.

I wish many of our newcomers could be encouraged to become more active participants versus passive observers.

Thanks for the thread!

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In my lifetime of woodworking, paw built truck bodies when I wuz little. Still remember 1/4'' bolts, nuts & washers, the 'speed handle w/socket to fit those 1/4'' nuts, bolted on sidebody 1X4's. The way the two ''sills' 4X6 were cut out to fit the hump in truck frame over rear axle. Paw cut'm out w/foot azz, so they fit down solid and then bolted down with piece of metal over the sill and one underneath the truck frame, with two long bolts at each, four to /for each truck body. Usually smidgen higher/taller that truck cab. Sometime customer wanted about two foot higher sections, that could be slipped down into original/everyday bodies, to haul livestock or ear corn. 

*****Foot azz is grubbing hoe type thing with a crocked handle, bout 30 something inches long. This is all I know to call/name it. Prolly aint made anymore for sale. Blade bout 4'' wide.

alright if ya made it this far, I love lathe, building Cedar chest, picture frames, etc., etc.

****2007 started writing, named all books Wiregrass, Grits & 1.MURDER, 2.FOGGY HORSESHOE,3.GHOST DANCER,4.SECOND CHANCE--all  about a yankee that came south, stayed raised a family.

Then one little stand alone called WIREGRASS AND GRITS, 5.For boys only.

Not a dirty/off color word in any ov'm.

btw, Amazon has one of these for $50 something.  Cya

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