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Business of Woodworking

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11 hours ago, John Morris said:

They have Gramps, but I'm telling you guys, the ones who appreciate great work, and hand work, are out there, there are plenty of consumers who appreciate our work, you just have to build it, and find them. If you are only building and not getting out and mingling, you'll never find them.

If you are building, and going out on the town and mingling at the shows, the gallery, the music fests, and plugging in, you will find where the niche is, and you'll get connected. But you gotta leave your home, and you gotta be in tune with the culture of independent work, independent music, independent art, ya gotta be plugged in, if your not, if your only on the internet with a website store, if your a grouchy angry ol bird (not you Gramps!:lol:) who doesn't like people, you'll never make it.

I'm telling ya guys, they are out there, and they want your work!


mingle?   ewwww......


i'm not looking to start a profit making business with all the attendant hassles.  so trying to find customers for a business that does not exist is pointless to my purposes.


now....if some rich guy or gal (women have money these days!) found me through some word of mouth (think 6 degrees of Bacon idea), and contacted me with a request for something special, i'd hear her out, get an idea of the scope of the project, and if it involved enough $$$$, then maybe i'd start up a business.


but otherwise, pass.

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Two things that used to amaze me about the HGTV type shows (but in a few episodes, I've come to expect them).

1. Everything gets smashed out -- sledge hammer and Sawzall.  Only to find "surprise!"   a hidden serious defect that needs to be fixed.  Those "house flippers" that are 9 months and triple budget over what they thought was  4 week flip and sell for a giant profit.  Lambs, meet the butcher.


2. If it's done by the homeowner, maybe with the help of some professional working in a tent in the driveway, they never show close ups of the handy-work.  For example that "chalk paint" on a vintage dresser, built-in bookcase from MDF, etc.



They did one of those "build a home in a week" shows near here a couple of years ago.   Yes, it got erected in a week, but there was lots of planning, lots of pre-fab components and 24x7 work that went on.  Having worked on Home-a-rama in the final week, you can't move your work area or you'll find a plumber, or an electrician, or a painter set up where you were half-through your job.



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1 hour ago, DAB said:


they tear out good cabinets, good appliances and get new just because.  and worse, they don't try to save the old stuff and donate it to someone who could use it.  we put old kitchen cabinets in the garage, work great for holding stuffs.


They will put new cabinets in the garage.  It is on the to do list. 

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