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Yes, Eddie was a great friend to one and all. And a darned good woodworker, too. He will be sorely missed by those who knew him.

He was of the Jewish faith, yet his signature was " Jesus is alright with me." An Israeli flag hung on one wall of the shop and Old Glory on the opposite wall. He was a great guy.

RIP, Eddie.

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That is really taking shape and looking really good.

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Got bored....decided to work on the top for a bit....slab of 4/4 Maple....13-1/8" wide, 49" long?   Try carrying that down the steps.....:angry:


Had a slight cup to it, and needed it to be 3/4" thick....had the technology ...


#5 Jack plane, with an 8" radius-ed iron......I got one face flat, and ankle deep in shavings..


And this was only half?    My "Get-up-n-go"  soon got up and went.   Hmmmmmm:rolleyes:

I finished one face, nice and flat and smooth.   Marked a centerline right down the middle.   I also marked a large "X" across the line


Circular saw to cut right on the line,  Jointed the edges.   Bandsaw to rip three strips of walnut, 1" or so wide. 

Stood those on edge, and made a glue up...


Curly Maple, with Walnut stripes.   May see about adding a strip on each end, as well. 


I think thay will be quite enough for one day......time for a cold one?


Stay tuned

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5 hours ago, lew said:

Those dovetailed pieces are really gonna be the center of attraction when you apply the finish!

Yep...good decision on those and the walnut strips in the top. I vote for strips on the end too if it doesn't make the top too wide.

I can't wait to see so what are the drawer fronts going to be...maple? walnut? or?? Regardless, you make sure and get the young 'uns to carry this thing up the steps when it's time...

Protect that back!  Yours, I'm speaking about.

Edited by Grandpadave52

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20 minutes ago, steven newman said:

Need to remember my password....so I can sign back in......haven't a clue....

Can't you submit a Forgot Password from the sign on page and they'll send you an email to your registered email account to let you reset it? IDK have not had to do that for this site YET:rolleyes:

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Thanks Lew...yes that's what I do, but I think maybe Steven is referring to the coming upgrade where everyone will be logged out and will be required to login again. Just guessing on my part????

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On 8/7/2017 at 8:02 PM, steven newman said:


Over on the left, you can see what happened to the fancy part....Just need to cut a new rail.  The ex-fancy one is now the bottom rail..


Well at least you didn't do like I did once. Was so proud of myself- until I realized what I had done. I think that was on a Monday, too.



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I love that top! It is going to be gorgeous when you apply the finish. I like the way you cut out the front apron too.

Good to see you using a router...See power tools aren't all that bad.:D

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Hauled a few boards to the shop today...


The ones on top are to be drawer sides....blanks for the fronts are laid out....one was cut down for the top two drawers..

Found that Plug Cutter....and made a few plugs in Walnut..


And rehabbed that red plane.    The top two drawer fronts were tuned up for size.....bandsaw still can't follow a straight line..


Hope the grain shows up a bit....cut from a single board, trying to make it look like it flows around the divider..


Dark spot on the left is just a shadow...  The board below I THOUGHT was Maple...turned out to be Poplar...will now be drawer sides...


So, Number 4 became Number 3.....Had a problem with the next drawer front..598cdaf19e002_number4.jpg.a8db3f941e7f4fb9c52326fb6f5387ab.jpg

Part of it wanted to split off....so I merely took it off, added some glue, and a few clamps


Not sure how much will remain, when this is sized to the opening.....

Could not find a chunk of Maple wide enough for a drawer front....the only one long enough, needed a little strip added to it..


So, I have these two in the clamps until tomorrow.    Maybe I can start on the sides then?  


Back was starting to hurt...time to stop for the day....Plug cutter came from Veritas. and runs best in a drill press


Have the speed in the #5 notch...fast as it can go.   At one time, the cutter was a brass colour.....I think I wore that off...


Not sure how  much I do tomorrow....may have some errands to run.   Stay tuned..

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Looks Good! Staying tuned in...

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Bandsaw is down:angry:Needs torn down, cleaned up, new tires installed,  maybe a new motorB):huh:.....will try to get by on the OEM motor, for now.



Plywood is in the shop for the back and the drawer bottoms....also picked up 10 "White Birch" knobs, and some pads for the stile's feet. 


Need the bandsaw to cut the tails for the dovetailed drawers....I do have a "back-up"  IF needed....


Plan for today?    Get that Bandsaw up and running.....then try to make a couple drawers.    Need to change the cutter on the Stanley 45, to match the thickness of the plywood.  Might just work on the back of the case, and the top two drawers...depends on what the Boss has scheduled for today( I might go and hide IN the shop..:ph34r:)

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