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Didn't even wait for Lunch....

The other 4 panels have been "raised"


basically the same as the others were done.   Bench is now cleaned up..


I had to go back upstairs to get the camera....this thing came along when I came back to the shop.    Stiles are awaiting mortises to be chopped


Floor has been cleaned up!  (again...) Sooo, where all the stuff go?


Most of the other parts went here, along with a bunch of clamps....hard to work the clamps, with a busted thumb...Side One can sit here until I need them clamps again.   Ham & Cheese on Wheat....Lunch was a tad late, today...

 Letting Lunch settle in.....maybe later a few mortises will get chopped?  Only need 8..


Stay tuned...

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Ok...1 x 2s have been moved down to the shop, a wee bit long to carry down there.  


Got the LAST three mortises chopped, and dry fitted....Removed the clamps from side #1, and "staged" them close to the bench.....


Glue up went about as well as can be expected.....:rolleyes:.....added an extra pipe clamp in the center.....creaks and groans...both me and the parts:o, but, no CRACK was heard:ph34r:


Set the mess aside, after adding a few "F" style clamps....


Able to stand up on it's own?   Well, there is a LARGE pair of Visegrips keeping the bottom pipe clamp from working loose

Looking nice?  Except...IF you look behind these two..


Need to get to the Mitre Box  ( wait..I do have a spare..) and need to get TO those 1 x 2s leaning up, back there...


Oh, well, I guess it could wait while the glue dries.   Need to figure how wide to make the case, so I know how wide the webframes will be. 

That will be next on the "schedule"  ...stay tuned....

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Hanging around for the next episode of "Dew It to It!"

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You must get extra adrenaline in the shop. I do. Feel terrible till I get in the shop and then full tilt until I sit down in front of the TV and collapse.

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Not to hijack your thread, but i'm afraid Natasha won't be doing any more jobs with Boris.


June Foray, who voiced Rocky and Natasha cartoon characters, dies at 99

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Ok,last night..went to check on the fan...whether I remembered to turn it off, or not..:ph34r:


Did a double check of a mortise I had laid out, but not chopped.....it was on the wrong side....compost happens:rolleyes:

So, this afternoon, I corrected that and cut a new mortise..


Then went and finished that  frame...


Had the feeling this was going to fight the entire way.   Large holes?   So I can attach the frames to the sides of the case....much easier to forstner bit and pilot drill when stuff isn't in the way..DAMHIKT....Another "issue" was screws to hold the kickers in place....Countersink wasn't  working right, some of the screws were way too long.


The screws that were too long?  took them back out and ground off the excess. Two kickers for the two drawers.   This one is the top frame...only the top of case is above it.   Clamped and glued up, and set aside..


Saw  work...


This is the angle used, to make the cut..


To cut the sides of the mortise.  Then a bit of work with the chisel..


And dig a hole at the far end.   Lay the chisel flat, as to pare, and pop the waste right out.   Clean things up and do a dry fit, or three,,


And another short rail is fitted.    About these short rails....all were cut from a 1 x2 x8' board.....not the best looking ones, either..


And some were a hair wider than others...we have ways..(yep, that is my sore thumb..)


Ok, got them all squared up ( one even had a twist to it) and close to the same size....I chucked the Forstner bit into the drill press ( cordless didn't spin fast enough) and made a few holes..


Counter-bores, then a drill bit to make the pilot holes.  Rather do these now, than try it went things are all glued up.   All I needed was two holes per rails.   Allowed a space for the drill to get in and drive some screws...


I have had to trim just under an 1/8" off the ends of these kickers....must have cut on the wrong side of the lines...Oh well.:rolleyes:

I was going to try and get all the frames done, today.....ran out of those type of clamps.....pipe clamps would have been just too much.:unsure:

Called it a day, and let the glue dry....tomorrow, I can get the last two frames done....maybe. 


Stay tuned to this Bat Channel.....

Edited by steven newman

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Whew! I can't imagine how much you'd get done if your thumb was banged up and you weren't documenting the build along the way!:P I thought I accomplished a lot today, but I think you still out did me...

I gotta start drinking more Mountain Dew!:lol:

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Looking great so far and really taking shape. You've made some amazing things since I've been on-board here, but I think you're about to outdo yourself on this one...

And you sure ain't been all thumbs on it either!:lol:

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Sorry to hear about your friend.

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Sorry for the loss of your friend.


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1 hour ago, lew said:

Sorry to hear about your friend.

Lew: you MIGHT know him as well.   Eddie, from the Stumpy Nubs group over on LJs.   Eddie was the one I received those puppies from.   He was 62


Gene also knows him.

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