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17 minutes ago, lew said:

I believe they'd have to hog-tie you to keep you out of the shop ;)

Maybe duct-tape him to the wall? :D He's just as stubborn as I am!!!! :blush:


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Have you thought of planing left handed?

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Tain't going near the shop today...after the way this morning has gone..


Van started twice.  went to run some errands.   first stop, van started fine...stopped for Lunch...no longer starts....Had it towed. 


Got home,van-less.....tried to install a new saw blade on my Skil Home Saw.....got the wrong blade....means a trip back to Menards, and pay the extra for the 6" blade, after returning the 6-1/2" blade...


Got a good look at the thumb, sans brace....thumb was BENT....this is not good...


Awaiting the mechanic's bill for the van....Mondays can bite you in the ....

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4 hours ago, HARO50 said:

Maybe duct-tape him to the wall? :D 



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Boy, your wood-shop addiction is worse than when first diagnosed...broken thumb and on a Monday?:rolleyes: I may have to call for an intervention...:P

I can't really say you thumbed your nose at danger or disaster today well because...you know....:D Some beautiful looking pieces you've got roughed out there though.

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You may have this done before the thumb heals. Good progress

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Would  have been safer for the thumb?    Thumb Update:   Brace is gone, replaced with a plastic splint, taped in place.   Wear that for about three weeks, and do a re-check.     I broke OFF a chip on the right side of the bone, about where the nail starts... Splints seems to allow me to use the hand more, but the thumb sticks straight out....like I am a hitch-hiker.  

 Tried out a couple planes today....needed to set up the Stanley 45 to plough some grooves..


I used the "spare" rail to check the groove for center...


Close?  The fence has a Micro-adjuster, to perfect the  set up...

Used the plane almost like normal, except the thumb sticking out to the side...


Set up to joint the corner posts...at least one, anyway.  Pound the part into that hook thingy, called a crochet, and lock into the leg vise..


Afraid my Jointer is a "cordless" model....No. 0-7....made decent enough shavings, though..


Again, thumb sticking straight out to the side, keeping it out of the way.   Got both edges jointed...thought I'd try this out..


Had to adjust the fence a hair...to get it more in the center.   There was a problem or two, though...597783a50c5d6_crochetbump.jpg.a88a18976d4a854bcf3f605f35d1b112.jpg

At the far end, I hit the crochet....at the other end..


I hit the jaw of the leg vise.....may have to make this groove in stages....

That is about as far as I got...before Lunch.    Letting the thumb "chill out" for a while, and then see IF I can motivate to the shop, again...


Coil-pak on van replaced, getting spark, no gas going in...plugged fuel filter?    Still hitching a ride...or walking....not much else to do...now.


Stay tuned..

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Remember when you are "hitch-hiking", nothing sticks out like a sore thumb!


BTW - that is a nice start. Looking forward to following this project like the others. :D

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Kept going on a few parts....got the groove in the corner post finished.  


And laid out where the 5 rails will go.   Top rail is an inch wide than the other four.....Laid out according to the widths of the two planks I will be using for panels.  And marked a 3/8"  deep groove..


Once they were all laid out, I could add a "foot" detail..


Bandsawn, and beltsanded to shape.  Decided to do a little digging....


To see how a mortise will go...


1" deep, so...I cut a tenon on the spare rail..


And a trial fit..


Could be better...will serve as a pattern for the rest...


I had one rail with a big old knot,,,,I can bury it on the inside of the bottom rail.   Only needs one groove, too...

Turned out, this rail is also fatter the the corner post...groove will be a hair wide..but, I can deal with that...


There is the knot,  this rail also gets a haunched tenon,  fills a gap in the groove. 

That is enough for one day.   Maybe I can do a bit more tomorrow...stay tuned...

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