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tree of different woods

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Species: (the common stuff)

CDR   Cedar     

DF   Douglas Fir

DF-LDouglas Fir, Larch

GDFGreen Douglas Fir

HEM   Hemlock, Fir

LP   Lodgepole Pine

RO Red Oak

RW   Redwood

SPF   Spruce-Pine-Fir

SYP   Southern Yellow Pine

WC   Western Cedar

WO  White Oak

WRC   Western Red Cedar

WF   White Fir

YP   Yellow Pine


added letters,,,

grain. The resulting wood displays a cathedral pattern on the face of the board.">FS  Flat Sawn

grain. The resulting wood displays a cathedral pattern on the face of the board.">PS  Plain sawn...

QS  Quarter Sawn..

RS  Rift Sawn..




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Thanks, I figured that someone at the store marked them;) There were some exotic ones and they are the ones I am best guessing at, I have dabbled with them for years. The one thing I never thought about was a wood from the sumac family. It was light colored with red graining.  I thought I had to have some. Then I saw the sign "SUMMAC family , caution" I didn't need to google for that one. I got as far away as I could.







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Hey @Ron Altier, sorry I missed this somehow...I really like this and a yet again another awesome idea rolling out of your mind!

How cool taking your birthday gift of wood chunks from her and transforming it into a piece of art for her birthday! Don't supposed she planned it that way do ya'?

I'm sure you have already, but make sure you've signed it on the back...even better a little note attached about the journey of this wood!

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