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Replacing mesh screen on doors

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They used to make those with a wood handle and metal rollers (back in the cave days).   Pull your spline snug, but don't stretch too much if you are re-using the old (it breaks) and a lot of the so-called hardware stores don't necessarily carry the handful of sizes that exist.  You may have to work it a bit to get around and into the corners.   You may want an extra pair of hands to pull the screening snug.   Some of the newer screen doors i have seen use a piece of wood trim holding the screen put in place the 23 ga pins.   I can only imagine what fun they are to repair.   We are given damaged new doors all the time at the Restore, but most don't want to mess with them.

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Are you reusing the spline material or did you get new. As Pete said, there are several sizes. Also, is the new screen the same "weight" as the old?


I have used a flat blade screwdriver to get the spline started down into the channel and then the tool to finish.

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7 minutes ago, John Morris said:

I don't know what this is.


the instructions that came w/ the screen splining tool...

RTM = Read The Manual... (sometimes also written as RTFM)


selecting screen and spline.pdf

The convex wheel is used to press the metal screen into the frame. The concave wheel is used to press the vinyl screen spline into place holding the screen to the frame. Using it is very easy, just make sure to use the correct end.

To use the screen or spline installation tool, follow these easy steps:

  • Using the concave wheel of the installation tool, seat the vinyl retainer spline into the channel by starting in a corner.
  • Use short strokes going in the same direction. Try not to go back and forth.
  • Use a small screwdriver to press the spline into the corners as necessary.
  • As you press the spline into the frame it will make the screen taught.
  • Once installed, trim the excess screen material with scissors or a utility knife.
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