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steven newman

Dungeon Shop 2017, the nickle tour

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A lot of nice looking work has come out of that shop. Thanks for the tour!

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13 minutes ago, steven newman said:

While waiting on the lumber supplies to arrive, thought I'd take you along on a $0.05 tour of the place..

Great tour...you certainly get the most out of your available space and do it well. Hope the new family are all doing well:P

Here's my Admission Fee...

Image result for nickel image

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Couple better pictures from the tour..( no charge....)


This is a better view of the shop, from the stairs. 


Lots of stuff to see here.  Note the high-tech pipe clamp storage?   Yes, the top of the dresser is full...


My "other" drills.  A better view of the shelf?


White tub is full of wire wheels for the drill press. 


Need to clean this bench off, that pantry cupboard is going to take a lot of room...

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I think it's great!

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You sure get a lot done in such a small space. Enjoyed the tour but, claustrophobia kicked in. Not that you'd try, but you ain't got enough room to swing a cat down there.:lol:

Oh yeah...congrats on the new additions to the family. No better use for shavings. 

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Nice of you to keep the birthing-home for a while...hope all is well with the additional mouth to feed...give Igor a couple of weeks off...


Great tour...great shop...and a reminder that "good things come in (from) small packages"


An uncle of a friend of mine had a shop in his basement that reminds me a lot of yours, Steven  All his tools and work area were in small nooks and crannies in the basement filled from floor to ceiling with parts, tools and household goodies.  His wife would complain that dust would get into the house from the stairs and suggested he work outside where he had more room and fresh air.  In all the years he made doors, cabinets, dressers, chairs, windows and all the repairs, he never worked outside.  When I was given the honor of rummaging for any tools I might want I barely had enough room to walk, let alone work. 


I am again amazed...thanks for sharing...love your tills...

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