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Hi all,


So I recently became interested in segmented wood turning, and most of my research on the topic took me back to the same place: Seg Easy.  Jerry Bennett has 4 videos on how to build, set up, and use a 'wedgie sled' to make segments.  After building the sled, stop, and zero clearance strip I ordered a 'wedgie' from him.  You can easily set up the sled using a protractor and some simple math (which I did and it worked flawlessly the first try) but I felt obligated to order a wedge and use the system as designed (plus I had already received a ton of free help from the site so I wanted to show support for him and his site).


So I ordered a single wedge (he sells individual or group of 4), settling on the 18 segment wedge.  The next day I received an email stating they were able to get a better deal on shipping and refunded me about $2.50 (who does that anymore?).  Once the package arrived not only was my 18 segment sled in the envelope, but a second wedge for 36 segments as well, free of charge.  I was stunned.


That's it.  I just wanted to plug a company that seemed to remember why they are in business...to help people.  It has been a long time since I was able to say I had a pleasant shopping experience like this.






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