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Shaker Transitional Rocker Part 1 (Curly Maple)

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3 hours ago, Gene Howe said:

You've come a long ways in 14 days. Probably be a lot farther if it weren't for the J.O.B. Surely like the shavings coming off that Veritas shave.

The Veritas is a joy to use.

Ya, been working on this chair for two weeks I think and it has come along much quicker, but your right, that darned day JOB keeps gettin in the way!

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5 minutes ago, Gene Howe said:

I guess you built the forms to accommodate, right? 

When I bent the oak for the Morris chairs arm rests, they were 3ea 3/8 thick laminations. No steam involved. Just glued them and used 9 million clamps on the form.


Ya, when I was building the sculpted rockers with glue lam backs and rockers, zero spring back. Thanks to the layers of strips and glue.

Steaming is a different animal I'm finding out. 

The forms are direct takeoffs from Shaker forms, I did not design or come up with a workable radius. I could have with trial and error, but why? The Shakes did all the designing for us! So I'm sure they had the movement built into their bending routines.

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