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Buying Laguna tools, does this help us?

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Michael, I'm sure John Morris will chime in here but I'll give it a stab.  I can't speak for Laguna but I know that if you access the Woodcraft site though the Patriot Woodworker and make a purchase, the site receives a small percentage of the sale.  Those funds go towards our site host fees.  Again, I'm sure the boss will add something here.  Thanks for thinking of the site!

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Michael, and Ron.

Yes it does help! Anytime you can support them, it helps them support us!


As far as Woodcraft goes, we have not had the affiliate agreement active since before last summer, whereas if someone accessed Woodcraft online via their supporters graphic on our home page, we would make a 10% commission on the sale to help support our community.

But, the program was terminated and they plan on having a new program up and running soon. Long story short, we used to be on commission, but have not been for quite some time.


Laguna Tools, same thing, if you access their website via their supporters graphic and purchase anything on their website, there is no commission, but they will know you accessed their site from ours.


Easy Wood Tools, same thing.


Those graphics are strictly graphical in nature, there are no trackers attached to them to know if you made a purchase or not.


That being said, if you do order over the phone anything from any of our three supporters, I would greatly appreciate you saying you were influenced by their support they give us. And, if you make an online order, if they have an extra instruction or comment box, please type in, how much you appreciate them supporting The Patriot Woodworker's, they'd love to hear from ya!


Thanks so much Michael for thinking of us, I greatly appreciate it.

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