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Lid has be glued up

steven newman

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Stumble down to the shop this morning.    Raised panel needed fine tuned, before any glue was used.   Spokeshave, and a couple other planes to reduce any "fat spots"   along the beveled edges.  Sandpaper on a block of wood to refine some spots.....finally thought I could spread some Elmer's, and dig out some clamps..

forest of clamps.JPG

Square and a tape measure showed things weren't quite squared up, so that  diagonal clamp to pull it back to square.  Better view?

better view.JPG

That is the spokeshave I used.  let this forest of clamps sit a awhile.......

Ok, stumbled back down, and checked on the glued up lid.    Started removing the clamps....slowly, listening for any weird sounds...Other than dropping one of the clamps...NADA, sooo..

Lid 1.JPG

Sat the glued up lid on top of the box, noting where the front and back  sides were to go.    Will add a filler to un-do that bowed in side.   AFTER this has cured for awhile.  More views?

lid 2.JPG

A few holes to fill in, about the way things go in my shop.  Thinking of adding a "bead"  just below and above the opening.  Bead?

bead board.JPG

Something like these two?   Stanley #45 can make these thing fairly quickly.   Just have to set the plane up to mill the beads.   Now, I think I'll just go and sit down for a while.....and let the Elmer's cure out...

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