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Claro Walnut Rocker Front Leg Seat Joints

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Looks like the new H-F RA grinder works quite well in a craftsman's hands. My H-F RA must be defective...it doesn't turn out work like this...:P Fantastic job of control and blending. Just curious, what grit disc/ paper do you use for this type of work?


Thanks for the current chapter of PIP John...you've got us all hooked on this best seller

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7 hours ago, Dadio said:

Hi John,
 how is that beautiful chair coming along?


Since the last image Herb not much has happened, and this weekend is not looking like a very productive shop weekend either! This chair is literally a full day or two to completion, I just need to get those hours in! Thanks for checking Herb!

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42 minutes ago, Joeb41 said:

That is going to be one beautiful showpiece! A man who makes no mistakes isn't doing anything, a man that can make them go away is a true craftsman.

Thanks Joeb, there are quite a few natural imperfections in this lumber that is going to be a challenge to make work, the walnut was air dried with no control methods to keep from drying to fast, so we have some voids that appear out of nowhere and they have exposed themselves in a huge way. It'll be interesting to see how we get those to kind of go away, or show up in a big way, stick around!

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