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Stop for a plane?

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Not sure IF this goes in the Hand Tool section, but


Ran into a problem while trying to plane these thinner boards...

thin board.JPG

Dogs are too fat, plane was hitting them.   Yes, that is a new dog hole there as well.    Used a cordless drill to make the new dog hole..

drill 1.JPG

Now have three hole right down the center line of the vise.   Remember that red handled thingy, as I have a job for it, as well.   Cut a 7/8"  dowel to about 4-5" long, and then cut one end at an angle ~5 degrees

Needed the red handled item to drill a pilot hole into the end of the dowel..

pilot hole.JPG

See the piece of metal laying there?    Piece of an old saw plate.   Pilot hole is for a screw to attach the plate to the dowel.    had to skinny the dowel down a bit to fit in the dog holes snuggly, but not too snug.  Teeth sit up a bit...

plane stop.JPG

And they dig into the end of the board a bit.  Brass screw to hold the plate to the dog.  So, how does it work?

face planed.JPG

Weight of the plane will push the board down, but, plane will not hit the metal stop.    I took one of the old WorkMate dogs, and ground about an 1/8" off the top of it.  It will reside in the vise.  The other one I'll leave alone, for use on the thicker boards and maybe a few glue ups.    As for Hand tools used today

three planes.JPG

Front to back...Craftsman( M-F #8) #3C,  Millers falls No. 11 and standing up back there is a Stanley #5c.   Four pieces got surfaced S4S  with these three planes...Note the dog off to the right?   This is after it was shaved down.   front face is at a bit of an angle, too.  I do have more of that dowel.....might make a few "normal" dogs, sometime?

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