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CNC Woodworking

John Morris

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After reading @Steve Krumanaker blog on his laser, it has interested me greatly, but on the cnc router level. But Steve's blog really got me thinking on this. Been looking at CNC Router home made plans and there is a whole community out there for this type of do-it-yourself and they are very supportive of one another, very open source, free plans, open source software, and just a neat community altogether.

Thanks Steve for showing me.

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CNC router systems are what caught my eye initially as well. If I were still doing mostly flat and case work projects that's likely the way I would've gone. Probably with an xcarve, although when I first started reading about them they were called shapeoko. After building the laser kit and finding just how little there really is to the mechanical/electrical components a diy project seems very doable. The hardest part would be sourcing components I think. Even the controller and steppers can be had pretty easily and reasonably on ebay. I also believe the commercially made machines will be steadily coming down in price.


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