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11 minutes ago, kmealy said:

Wrapped up L'art d'un Menuisier today (The art of a craftsman, a Roubo print that I got for Xmas).   I got a bunch of sheet glass from a guy that was cleaning out his dad's workshop.   It is really dirty.   I was working on a sheet, just cleaned both sides and was turning it to make the first cut when it just fell apart into lots of pieces.   I've had luck with only about half of them not having some sort of flaw that cause them to break when moving or cutting them.   Second one worked OK.  Frame is just cherry with BLO.  Got the mat cut & frame assembled.  Now to find a good place to hang it.





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7 hours ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

That is one cool print, I'd love to have a copy...I'll have to look around. Nice job on the framing.

Lost Art Press was offering a free picture file last year.  I suggested as a gift for me.   One daughter, after searching around, got it printed at Staples.    I'll look for the file again.

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2 hours ago, kmealy said:

I know that glass is considered a "supercooled liquid" and not really a solid.

That's what I remember from both high school and college.  I never thought of it being more brittle.  Maybe.  I know that glass that has been in a window frame for 50 years or more will be thicker toward the bottom and you can see stretch marks in it.  Brittle, hmmmmmmm.  Quiet possible.  

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Nice...... I've just got a couple of waste blocks I have to turn and drill just gota hurry up and wait on the glue to finish off curing I'm going to give it a bit more time.   I've also still got to figure out what type of material I can find as far as a 7 mm all thread bolt and acquire a 12 inch by 1 inch diameter piece of pvc tubing to make up this piece for pepper mill blanks.

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