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Started this a while ago. Cut the top to size and glued up some pieces for the sides. Realizing that my material was too short to go around the lid I cut it in half and added some strips to make

Looks like I'm back in the saddle again...  

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9 hours ago, Gunny said:

Tomorrow night I can get back to these 2 7/8 inch  holes I need bored in my plate for my toolbox.  Looked through my collection of hole saws and Forstner bits, NOPE not even close.  Figures.  Looks like I will be making a template on the bandsaw and then attaching it to the bottom of my plate and some router work with a pattern bit will follow.  5 times.  Yeah looking forward to that.


Gunny, check out the shop tip that I had posted up for @Lissa Hall awhile back here: it was about the last comment in that thread, had trouble doing the cut & paste this morning.



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21 minutes ago, Fred W. Hargis Jr said:

Would it be these? Or was it something that was shop built?

Those would do the trick! :TwoThumbsUp: Thanks! 


53 minutes ago, HandyDan said:

This is a cool idea but needs some refining.  His pivot points are tooooo loooong!

Cool idea, but would be more than required.

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