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I am in the Market for a dust collector.  

I need 785 CFM for my Thickness Planar.

6" main line, 4" drops

2 x 2 1/2 drops (router and Chop saw)

Will only use 3' of flex near tool then transition to rigid back to the dust collector.

Static loss around 3"

1. Priority low noise.

1A. Hepa or 1 mciron.

2. Priority Cyclone separator

3 Priority must fit in 8' floor to ceiling.

4. Yes I only use one tool at a time now but if this build goes well I may have friends over running 2 to 3 devices.  Total CFM then ~1500 CFM.

5. Blast gates will be used and two 4" must be open to properly supply the 6" main.

6. Floor sweep will remain open most always unless multiple machines are in operation.

So far Jet  Looks reasonable what do you think?    http://www.jettools.com/us/en/p/jcdc-2-cyclone-dust-collector-2hp-230v/717520

no CFM rating on this machine. 

Any experience with this machine?

Any used ones or similar out there?

  • 717520_alt2?hei=331&wid=380

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I hesitate to offer this reply, but I think you need to consider your overall objective here. If it is to collect the very fine 1 micron dust, which in my opinion it should be, then you whole approach needs to be rethought. If it is to collect chips from you equipment, then you will okay with the cyclone and the piping system you are proposing. With a piped up system and 4 inch drops (should be the same size as the main), you will not get the air flow you need to collect the dangerous fine dust with a 2hp cyclone. Forget about using the system with multiple users: it won't work!  To get what you want, you will likely need a 5hp cyclone. But your objective of low noise will also be a problem unless you house the cyclone outside of the shop or in a sound deadening enclosure. I suggest you investigate Clear-Vue cyclones and visit Bill Pence's website for more information on very fine dust collection. If you are looking for 1500 cfm  or more for multiple users, you are in a whole new ball game. You may need to investigate going to 3 phase power to run you 10 HP+ cyclone. You piping will have to be designed with multiple user in mind. Not a job for woodworker unless one has a good understanding fluid flow and dust collection technology. Sorry for the contrarian view.

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Dust collection questions are always the hardest to fathom, mostly because the opinions on what constitutes "good" DC varies so broadly; some think it's a broom/dust, others want to capture/contain every possible spec of dust. Rereading your criteria makes me think Scarletjim pretty much said it. Your down the road use will require a hefty machine. One other thing: you won't get 785 CFM through 4" of duct, my 5 HP Oneida (which will soon be upgraded to a CV, I hope) pulls about 560 CFM through 4", that's with a 14 1/4" impeller and 6" duct to the 4" port. A visit to the Pentz site will gie you some good info, it may also give you a heafache with the techno-babble...I always suggest you start with the FAQ section to make things a little easier.

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All of my major tools were design with 4" outputs therefore they are setting the scene.

4" + 4" = 6" so with my main and two open ports I have the proper flow for the 6" main.

From what I found on delta the TP with 4" output requires 600 to 785.  

The 4" port from what I read can go to 750.  

A 6" main supports 2 X 4" as the same time.

So we can have 2 machines on at once with very good air flow.

When I am running only one I would leave the floor sweep open.

But reading all your comments have me very concerned.

Let me look at laguna the JET was over $1000 less than the oneida.

I must have 220 V 1 phase as that is what the house supports.

More to come

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Let's check the use of 4" connections in a 6 inch main dust collection system. If a two horsepower unit is piped to a single four inch connection with its line and flexible connection,  one will probably experience, at best, the 550 cfm flow that Fred has experienced, maybe somewhat less since he's got a 5hp unit, which has a more robust power curve. I would estimate a flow of about 500 cfm with an Oneida 2 hp cyclone, 3 feet of 4 inch pipe, two feet of 4 inch flex, one 45 deg ell and one 6 x 6 x 4 wye using standard data for piping and fittings and the power curve for a typical 2hp Oneida unit. Where the 4 inch dumps into the 6 inch line the flow velocity will drop significantly below the 3500 to 4000 ft/min (probably in the order 2500 to 3000 range) recommended for keeping the chips suspended in the air flow. The amount of drop will depend on how much of 4 inch line resistance there is and how much oomph the cyclone motor/impellor can muster to overcome the drop. When one introduces another 4 inch source down the line, the unit now has to try to support the both sources of dust collection with the small 4 inch lines. The system will come to a solution by favoring the branch with the lowest pressure drop. It will have the highest air flow rates The least favored branch will see a further drop in flow and even more chips coming out of suspension in the conveying air. When dealing with two simultaneous branches of dust collection in a system, the total air flow and the flow through the branches is analogous  to determining the electrical current in parallel, not series, electrical circuits. The current will favor the circuit with the least resistance. 


If your thickness planer has a 4 inch connection and a requirement of 700 + cfm, you try to replace the outlet with a 6 inch one. If that's not possible, you should immediately transition to a 6 inch size at the 4 inch outlet. If you have to use flex, then use 6 inch flex downstream of the transition. Remember the pressure drop of 1 foot of flex equals 3 feet of solid pipe so keep it as short as possible.


To echo Fred's comment, I wish you the best in your future effort. 


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Sure, the Oneida's may be more expensive, and there is a reason, they are made in the USA with Baldor motors. They are built better. But don't get me wrong, I'm not sold on all of Oneida's products, when it comes to their mini cyclones that sit ontop of a 5 gal bucket, the inlet is so high up that I consider them very easy to tip over. I have side inlet separators that are a lot less prone to tipping over, and take up less vertical space. As far as the health reasons sales pitch, if your concerned about your health, wear a dust mask, in most cases you are not going to capture every spec of dust from every machine. Dust collection to me is less dust settling on everything, reduced clean up time, and the sooner I can take a dust mask off.

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The Laguna is in the house assembled and in the basement.  Found the circuit breakers that I move to make room for the new one had double taps.

That needs to be fixed also.

Found my main panel so full of wire and every ground or neutral are filled.

I need to clean it up.

I will be adding junction boxes to removed the double taps then feed in one wire to the CB.

Also I will then need to start the plumbing of the 4" then 6" tubing for the dust collector from the machines.


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