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Developing Old 35MM and Kodak 110 Film (Army Images)

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Howdy folks, does anyone know if my old roll film that I took pictures with back in 1989 through 1991 can still be developed? I have a bag full of undeveloped cans and Kodak 110's with images of my tour in Panama. I just never had an interest in them being developed, when I ETS'd out and came home, I threw them in a plastic bag and put them at the bottom of a box where they sat for the last 25 years.

I have an interest now in seeing them, does anyone know if they are trashed by now, or is there hope?


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There are a number of places to get 35mm roll film developed. Surprisingly after the digital cameras came along, there has been a big up swing of folks going "Old School" film. I did a quick Google search for "35mm film developers in Riverside County" and came up with a number of hits, so give it a whirl.

The down side is that while current day film can be developed, older film can deteriorate over time which could cause poor results. If the film has been stored indoors with decent climate control it should turn out. But if the film has been stored in a garage or shed with no climate control it could be bad news. So go online and do a Google Search and make a few calls and ask some questions. 

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You should start with the photo shop listed below.

They used to be a top notch photo shop for professionals as well as a school teaching photography and also did developing and enlargements. But things with the digital age changed things so the store was taken over by a couple of the long time employees and are doing pretty well. They are on Magnolia about a block west of Van Buren Blvd. so it is near Cal Baptist University. If any one knows of a place to do film developing they would. I used them for scanning a number of black & white negatives into jpeg files on a CD when I was doing all my family genealogy stuff awhile back. 

Image One Camera and Video

Address: 9590 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92503
Phone:(951) 977-8811
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As said above, the film may have deteriorated over the years, especially color film. The color renditions may not be where they should be. It's definitely worth sending a roll or two out to see what you have.To save some cash, A good pro shop may develop the film, but make no prints, if they feel the negatives don't justify printing. Something worth looking into. 

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I want to thank you guys for your input, thanks a heap. I have always thought there would be no hope for these rolls, but I have hope now. Even if the color is off, at least I can see what I did in that country thousands of miles away! Half of it was a blur, not sure what is on those rolls of film.

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