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As always Steve...SPECTACULAR! Those could hang 365d/y as ornamentation and not just at Christmas...off course you would have to keep them dusted. :P Thanks for sharing.


Edit add: BTW...would be great pics in the Gallery!

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3 hours ago, Gerald said:

As usual Great job Steve. I know you have shown some hollowing tools you made. Do you use carbide or HSS to hollow these?


Thanks to all!!

Gerald, the hollowing tools I showed are the ones I use for ornaments and they are carbide insert tools. 8mm round if I remember correctly, may be 10, not sure. At any rate I got them from eddiecastelin.com. I made those tools probably three years ago and have yet to rotate the inserts.



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6 hours ago, Kevin Beitz said:

Wow...Love your tree....

Thanks Kevin. It's actually a pretty easy thing to make and there is a video of making one on my youtube channel. It happens I did video on making one if you're interested.







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