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Time consuming glue up

Ron Altier

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Sometime I will post my most challenging project. It took several years and I didn't even know how I was going to use it. After I had it completely finished in tiles. Didn't know how I was going to use the tiles or what I was going do with it. I saved it and would bring the  pieces out and just stare at them. I asked my wife, my artistic niece and others to help me arrange all those tiles. I was going to make a table out of it. But no, I put it away for a  year. Then another year. 


 I'll try to find the old pictures of it. Something that is hard to do if you didn't properly label pictures in the early days of computer picture files. 

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Thanks Gerald, I have tried that and have had mixed results. The really bad results that chipped out or made me cuss, became firewood. I'm sure you understand that turning wood is something that makes us think, plan and rethink when it don't go as I planned. I am self taught and feel I could learn a great deal if I could visit your wood shop. My problem (or my fun) is that I keep getting thoughts like, what would happen if I did this? That is why I keep turning............another page and another day:)

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