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Walnut Night Stand Sunday's work

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What little I could get done, at least.    Found out we were taking the GrandBRATS home a couple hours later than I thought....snuck off to the shop.   Had a slab to resaw down to a batten...wound up breaking the bandsaw blade, digging out another (DULL) one, and finishing the cut.     Then the planes took over.   And the beltsander.  and the spokeshave.   Rounded both ends to match the curve of the top, Beltsander to taper each end a bit.   No.3 plane and spokeshave to bevel the sides.  Whew.   Dust and shavings everywhere. 



Meh, it will have to do.  The forstner bit was for that hole.   Will come back later, add a counter bore for the post to sit in a bit better..

test fit.JPG

Doesn't have to go down very far...maybe 1/8".    Did I say I made a mess..where is Igor when I need him..





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That was strange.....what happened?  Got cut off while posting?  


Anyway, I also worked on the top, trying to find which face looked the best......planes, sanders, spokeshave an edge or three...was time to take the BRATS home, anyway.  I did test fit things a bit..

test fit top.JPG

what you see is the underside of things.   Yes, this do go across the grain.  I also will need screws to attach it with ( no glue)  and use slotted screws.    I need to drill slotted holes, too  Have to allow for expansion.    A wider view?

wider view.JPG

Came home from my Daughter's place with a leg brace on the left leg.    Yep, knee is that bad.   Will know more in the morning, I hope.    Stay tuned on both items..table..and the knee.

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I'm going to quit watching Roy Underhill altogether and subscribe to your show! ;) I'm loving watching this project progress Steve. You really should consider making your own You-tube videos of your projects; I know you would have to use a camera with a cord...:D


Looking forward to tomorrow's episode(s) and status update on the knee...try some Bio-Freeze or Icy Hot on it...made help for a while. Hope all goes well at the doctor.

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Inflammation, and Uncle Arthur (itist)  Have some X-rays done.   Painkillers to get.   Maybe after a bit, I can stumble back down to the shop...right now...just giving things a rest, after all that prodding and a poking this morning...May get an MRI at a later date...Icy-Hot is also on tap...

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Sorry news wasn't better Steve...Icy Hot helps but stinks...I like the roll-on version the best...rest up friend!

My daily/nightly regiment includes...


2 of these...


Walmart Arthritis.jpeg


.and one of these

Walmart Naproxen.jpeg

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