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steven newman

Next up, Walnut Night stand

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Measured out an 18" long section, and proceeded to crosscut a chunk off..


Took a lot of wax on the blade.   I didn't feel like dragging the circular saw down the stairs... 18"  was a bit too much to crosscut on the bandsaw,  Finally

crosscut done.JPG

Set the one section aside,  needed to joint one edge square...


The plane has a walnut fence, to help stay square,   Plane is a Stanley No.7c, type 9  Shavings seem to be walnut, also...shavings.JPG

A little sap wood.  Needed this board to have a square corner, to make it easier to resaw..


This is from the second board, first one gave me three pieces...

3 pieces.JPG

But, at only 15" wide...I needed a fourth one to make a 18" diameter round top....so

add a fourth.JPG

That blaack knot will be  heading to the outside, where the cut will be coming around.   Need to start jointing edges, to do a glue up..

edge jointing.JPG

One way to hold it.  Plane is a bit too long, about 2" longer than the boards.  I suppose I could drop down a size or two.   Plan right now is to get these four glued up into a panel,  The day after the glue is cure, I can flatten the entire panel, and cut it into a circle.  The leftover slab sitting on the bandsaw will be cut into three curved legs.    Still  have the two shorter planks.....maybe a glue up into a column blank for the lathe?


It 's start anyway.....Now, IF I can find that fellow Gumption again, I might just cobble something up?

87 degrees outside, and HUMID.....shop isn't much better...

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