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steven newman

A Before and After

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Well, a part of the haul that came home with the tool box, was a little eggbeater drill...tool box.JPG

Lovely, ain't it?   Well, after cleaning all the other items inside that box, and putting them away, I could finally start on a rehab of this eggbeater drill....drum roll, if you please..

front view.JPG

Look any better?   Name that was stamped into the handle?     Granlt Tool Comp.    New York  Germany    Not sure who actually made the drill.   The cap on the handle was glued in place long ago.  Handle just threads onto the end of the frame.    Three jaw chuck. 

frame side.JPG

Drill has a single gear.  Frame is shaped like a milk bottle?  I re-painted the frame a Rustoleum black, and the spokes of the drive gear a red colour.   All moving parts were oiled up.   The wood parts were wiped off, and then a coat of 3in1oil added.    Most of the clean up was by a wire wheel.    Set a Millers Falls No. 2-01 beside this little drill..

two drills.JPG

Mutt & Jeff?  The little guy was never drilled or tapped for a side handle..

back side.JPG

I suppose one could drill and tap a small hole, to mount a side handle, IF they wanted one.   I don't really think this one needs it.    Drill was $3, at s yard sale...the only old tool she had.


Might make some use out of it....

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