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That rocking chair project, part 3

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Well, took a few tries to get things done today......after fighting those brass corner plates and their tiny screws....laid the pattern rocker on it's side, clamped the pine 5/4 x4 in place to make a tracing......ooops, should have bought the 5/4 x 6 instead.. oh well, we do adapt in this shop.    Adjusted things a bit.  There is a way to prevent one from over-rocking.   You  add a recurve to the end of the rocker..


Oh, and meet my new beltsander that replaced the old B&D Dragster.   Soo, I made one of these, took a break for awhile.    Came back, traced a second one out, and bandsawed it to shape...

two rockers.JPG

not too bad.  Well, according to the floor..


Twould appear that the HMS Pegleg  has launched.


Fit for John Silver himself......but, I needed to keep flipping this around, until..

short leg2.JPG

Short leg #2 appeared.   Both of the long posts, and the front short posts are now done.    There is still enough of that 5/4 pine to make a crest or back rail.   That sould finish up the drawknife work, Mortise and tenon jobs for a few days/weeks?    Intend to cut a slot on the end of the posts, to fit over those rockers,   And then add a pin through both.  might work?

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well, cleared the bench. rehabbed a spokeshave, first. $3 one from last weekend..


With THAT out of the way, tried to resaw some stock for the rocker..


But it was making a lot of noise, and throwing sparks...tore it down, reset the guides ( lower thrust bearing was rubbing the frame) reset the table, stoned the back edge of the blade....lot quieter, now.

Ok, NOW can I work on at least one side of this rocker?

front post joint.JPG

Front post about fitted.   Made the slot a bit too wide in the bottom of the leg, will do better on the next one..

rear post joint.JPG

A little better.  Will pin and glue both at a later date.   need to find some sizes, lay out some mortise and tenon stuff.....August completion date??

side done.JPG

have to measure for the seat parts, as well.   Busy day.   Even redid the blinds on the house's backdoor window.     And, got "drilled" in a finger by the tip of the driver's phillips head tip. 

Yep, back on track, now

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