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Lid work, on that box

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Used the vise to hold this box still, long enough to mark a line clear around..

cut lines.JPG

Trying to land anywhere but right in a pin.   Brought down the "new" saw, to cut the lines..

cordless saw.JPG

Yeah, it is the cordless one from the yard sale.  It is also about as heavy as my all-metal saws.  Cut my way around all four sides, with the second narrow end last, still had a bit of a bind..

split box.JPG

Wound up with this.  Set the bottom aside, for now.  Added the insert for the top..

lid insert.JPG

Just nailed in place, no glue.  Then came those hinges...


Had to remember which way it sat on the bottom part of the box.  Vise to hold things in place.   Try using these screws, before the BP Meds..


A pilot hole of sorts was made with a small nail.....Hinges are on, maybe load this thing up?

loaded up.JPG

Might work.  Unloaded it, and sanded, sanded, and filled and sanded

sanding filler.JPG


Sanding filler was just glue and bandsaw sawdust.   Not sure what all was in the dust, but, when sanded smooth..

sanded box.JPG

Most of the stuff is filled in.    Loaded this thing up again


Closed the lid, and added the first coat of the "Brew"

first coat.JPG

Will let it dry, then work on it a bit more.    Maybe go looking for a latch?   Maybe by this weekend, it might be done?

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It will....as soon as I figure out what kind to make for it.....I still had a "Stanley Tools"  label for the top of the lid.......Lets see, Stanley made the 78 fords Wards Master Quality,  They made the 39 and the had bought out Ohio Tool Co.     I guess I can call it a Stanley tool set?


Still needs a latch of some sort...

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