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Used Books for Shaker Furniture

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Well I did it again. I perused Amazon books this past weekend and found some wonderful book about Shaker Furniture. I know our admin John Moody loves Shaker too!

I am hooked on Amazon Used Books, you can purchase virtually any book used on Amazon at a fraction of the cost of a new book, great for us, not so great for the original author and publishers. But hey, your keeping small independent used book stores across the nation busy and cash flowing! So there is an upside to the supply side of this.

Here is another book I purchased through Amazon at this link:

The following books arrived over the last two days in my mail box, and I love them!


This first book caught my eye completely because I really want to build a shaker Mt. Lebanon style chair, and rocker. I love the style and the weaved seating. I paid $3.99 plus $3.99 shipping on this one.

Authentic Shaker.jpg


How to Build Shaker Furniture by Thos. Moser, the Moser's are one of my favorite woodworking families in the entire world. I get their catalog of furniture every year and I drool and I also get inspiration for design ideas. This book arrived in excellent condition as well. I paid $1.99 plus $3.99 shipping on this one.

How To Shaker Thos. Moser.jpg


Here is another Kerry Pierce book for Shaker furniture and storage. I can't wait to dig and read this from front to back. I paid $4.99 with free shipping on this one.

Storage Shelving.jpg


All three of these book were listed on the Used Book Scorecard as "Good Condition". Folks, these books look brand spanking new! These are the actual scans of the books I received, if you look at the first book above, you'll see a little turned up corner at the lower right of the cover, that is the only visible wear out of all three of these books. Each book ranges in prices from 24 to 30 bucks retail based on the tag on the rear covers. I paid a total of $18.95. You can't beat these deals, I would like to encourage anyone who wants a book, to avoid purchasing new, and re-purpose these used books at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks for reading!


Interesting Links

Kerry Pierce

Kerry Pierce Furniture Album

Thomas Moser

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Definitely Lew! And sorry for the slow response!

I remember well that chair, a great piece of American craft. I can really see the Shaker influence in this chair. If and when I make some shaker chairs, there are two styles of seating they come with, the splint seating like is shown on your chair, then the fabric as seen on one of the book covers, I am favoring the splint style.

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On the recommendation of John several months ago, I went in search of several specific titles. I ended up buying few books on the Shaker style here:




Similar to the Amazon books, these books come from all kinds of different sources: mom and pop, excess library, NOS, etc. Most are priced very reasonably and some I have acquired for one or two bucks.


Hope this helps.

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11 hours ago, Pat Meeuwissen said:

Guys, has anyone built some shaker boxes? Was looking for some reading material on the subject. Was wondering if this one had any info on the them? Shop Drawings of Shaker Furniture and Woodenware by Ejner Handberg

Hey Pat, the books in the OP address Shaker Boxes.

Also John Wilson is the premier expert Shaker Box maker, this website has everything you need to start building the boxes, from plans, to details, to supplies, all of it, truly the one stop shop.


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