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John Morris

Nick Offerman and North Bennet Street School

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56b621c29e36c_NickOfferman.jpg.9e130d0a9One of my favorite woodworkers and TV personalities and comedian is Nick Offerman (photo at left). I became aware of him when my oldest kids got me hooked on Parks and Recreation, a sitcom and political satire series that had me rolling and laughing every time I watched it. I wish they did not end that show, but as with most great comedies and tasteful shows on television, the show did end.

I receive the Nick Offerman newsletter and enjoy reading it and seeing what Nick is up to in his own woodshop. And he recently traveled to Boston to visit and take a few classes at the North Bennett Street School (another one of my favorite places to visit in cyberspace) and he sat down and started to learn the process of chair making, from log to finish. It's a great read in Nick's own words, he's a plain spoken guy and very straightforward so don't look for any flowery phrases or emotional writings from Nick Offerman, he's not that kind of guy, it's funny, he played the part in the sitcom mentioned above, and he is that way in real life. So I am sharing his blog (Taking a Seat in Boston) on North Bennett Street School and a few other interesting links as well. Have fun!


By Nick Offerman

In December I had the immense pleasure of attending a 6-day Windsor chair workshop at Boston’s charismatic and venerated North Bennett Street School. Just touring the joint is like a trip to Disneyland, that is, if that particular playground of consumerism could teach one to build a violin or a high boy. My wife had a tour and a one-day class in book-binding, and now she’s hooked. READ MORE...http://offermanwoodshop.com/2016/02/taking-a-seat-in-boston/



Taking a Seat in Boston by Nick Offerman

Offerman Woodshop

Nick Offerman Facebook Page

Parks and Recreation TV Show

North Bennett Street School

North Bennet Street School Woodworking Eduction

Nick Offerman Photo Montage

Offerman Newsletter (February)


Peter Galbert below demonstrating for Nick Offerman at North Bennett Street School


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