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ch28-front_grande.jpg.605c1264dd2e62c1e0While perusing the internet looking at chair designs I found a great example of a Wegner design chair at the Danish Design Store. The chair is not original, but its made by the same manufacture Carl Hansen and Son who I think I've read some where that they hired Wegner (the "W" in Wegner sounds like a "V") after World War 2 as a designer and maker. This is one of Wegner's designs and Carl Hansen and Son is still making the chair today, as a limited edition.


I love Danish designs. I love them for many reasons, firstly they are fluid, sculpted, and the design makes great use of the inherent beauty of the wood species being used. And I love the designs because when I look at any of the Danish Modern designs, I say to myself, "Hey, I can do that!". Unlike furniture of the Baroque period or Queen Anne and other styles that were graced with extravagance, I cannot do that nor do I fee like learning at this time. But with the Danish design, I can do that, and it's fun to view furnishings that you can connect with and understand the joinery and the process. 




Here are some other great links to the subject.

Carl Hansen and Son

Hans J. Wegner

Danish Modern

Danish Furnishings on (eBay)



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