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Not much got done, Walnut got chopped

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I tried to at least get the last two legs done today......road trip to take the GrandBRATS home kind of cut into shop time.    I did manage to cut a few mortises in the last two legs, about half of them, anyway.



This time, I kept the mating rails cloce by, and marked where each went.    Also found out the the white sap wood is VERY spongy.    One mortise could have been dug out with a fingernail....it also liked to split.  Tried a test fit,....


It is the leg on the bottom with the sappy wood.    Got out the pipe clamps, again.    needed a hammer as well.    Pipe clamps wanted to twist back off.   Used a c clamp to keep one in place, and a lot of cussing.  Finally got three pipe clamps in place.  Added a few  nails, trying for at least ONE through the tenon.   One or two went through the sap wood and into GOOD stuff.


A check of the diagonals...off by a 1/16"???? I suppose I could let that slide.....Football was on, decided to call it a night.   Stacked most of the parts back on top...565be35296b1d_restackedparts.thumb.JPG.e

That rough looking 1 x3 on top?   It will be one of the Breadboard edges,   Need to rip a few more out of this old plank..


Might be enough left for that?   I'm using that Workmate back there as a till for the wood bodied planes. 


Still have four more mortises to chop, and then the two halves can have a get together with Elmer?  Stay tuned to this batty channel...

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