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steven newman

tool tote, progress report

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steven newman -

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Well, back said I could at least try a bot of work.....wound up doing an hours worth...

Laid out the second corner.   Took a couple double checks, to make sure things were on the right directions...don't need backwards dovetails now..


been a few comments about my...dovetail saw....soooo, drug out the disston backsaw...


But, even with the wax on the blade, it was still binding in the cut, too fine a teeth.   The rip version is at another job site.   Went back the the Atkins made saw from Cleveland.


There is a LARGE knot in the center of this edge.  I adjusted the spacing so no pins were in the way.   Still, when I was chopping out the waste, it tried to cause trouble..


Yeah, popped right out.  Got this "pin board" done,  then the tails were maked out and bandsawn.   Had to recheck a few times, to make sure I had things aligned the correct way.   I had to trim a couple tails, as that Disston saw had a wavy cut.  Straighten that out, and tried a test fit, with a mallet assist..


Not too bad?   Upper two were from the Disston saw.   Found a wedge, mallet to instal the other side....


Hmm, I might need a few more of them wedges, come glue up time.  Grabbed the oak plank I will be using as a bottom....floor_board.thumb.JPG.d72720056b19255f2f

mainly to hold the sides square.  The huge knot hole?   I figure I can leave it, and just sweep all the dirt and shaving down through it, saves dumping the tote out. 

Two corners are now done, dovetail wise.   still have two more to do, before the fun begins..


I still have to bevel the sides of the flor board, and cobble the carrying handle.   maybe a chisel holder as well?   The size is geared towards carring full sized saws and other tools. 


Stay tuned, if the back settles down, there might be more to this story....

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Oh so NOW it's dovetails on an  ANGLE~!!

Sheesh~!! you keep raising that bar.


But we have some questions - - - - where you planning on toting those tools to?




Edited by Cliff

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Usually to my Daughter's place, to fix, repair or build something.   I could even pack some mechanic's tools in it, and go to a garage to work on my van ( again...)


Dad  also kept a metal tool box in the trunk of his cars, filled with the tools needed to make a roadside repair IF need be.  

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