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The Few, The Proud, The Patriot Woodworker's! Make no bones about it, we aren't many, but we are very proud of our community here!

steven newman

There be a Blue Streak in the back yard today....

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Thinking of changing my name......Shade Tree Carpentry,INC.    


Had a flimsy tent like Gazebo out back.   Heavy rains and wind beat it apart.   Tore it down today, but, not before some wood framing took place


Had some 4x4s by 78" long.   Had some 2x4s I needed to cut as rafters.   Had some metal clips to help fasten the parts together, just needed something to hold things up...


Stand them up, so I could add a short 4x4 king pin to the top of one rafter.   Fun was about to begin



This was the easy one. Note to self: next time I buy a box of screws, note what style tip it uses.  Yep, I got square drive junk.   I even wore out a tip today. 

Anyway, got all four posts and rafters cut and screwed together.  Maybe a 4-12 pitch.   Now came the time to put a second post and rafter onto the king pin


Ah..yeah.  One end was trying to stay on top of a garbage can, but not too hard.   Hopped off twice.    Trying to screw the next rafter to the king pin. 


Break time.   tear the Gazebo down, clear the work area.  Get a ladder set up and ready.    Boss shows up  ( bad move) and I put her to work.   We stand the first assemly up, she's holding it while I try to attach #3 rafter to the top.    #@#@#@@##!   Finally got it in place.   Then tried the #4.....it flopped over trying to start the first screw.    Went and got a metal "Mending Plate"   Added that to the mix.    Made things much better.



Starting to look like something?    Almost.  Had to go to Lowes and get seven more clips.    Three to do the other rafters, and four to tie this monster to the house.  Plumbed a couple posts, adjusted by sledge hammer, of course.    Needed some rods added to attach the screens to.   LARGE drill bit, chucked into a 1/2" drill......about broke my wrist, until I learned how to hold the dang thing enough it wouldn't spin on the bit.  Four rods 8 holes, one sore wrist. 


My 6" circular saw by Skil, and that wrist molesting 1/2" drill.  


Got the topper for the Gazebo back on the frame,  it was a might too small for the frame.   Only cover we have, use it anyway.


And installed the screens.    Not the prettiest on the block, but it will do.   It will NOT budge in most storms, either.    Might just do...

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And...now we have lights!


And only one bulb was blown out


But, since I doubled up the lights there, one burnt bulb won't matter much.  Awaiting dark to show up, so I can see how well it lights up


Been a busy two days, even mowed the yard today.......lawn mowing and Vertigo, just don't play well together...neither does standing on ladders.

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Looks good,have to make sure wife dosent see this,she would like the lights,and for ur dog ,put in doggie doors,we added 2 for our 5 dogs best thing i ever did,oh make sure u put cittrinella candles out keeps bugs away

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