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Getting a bit closer to the finish line, now.    Got the top all fsatened down.   But, it didn't go without a fight...


Made some cleats, one for each end to also act as kickers for the drawers and one for across the center.   Hmmm something a little off here...ok.  Put the top top down on the bench.  Put the base into place....ah, base is "racked" a bit.   Got the center line set, and added a screw through the cleats ( and, it turns out, right on through the top..oops)   then grabbed a long clamp.   set at a diagonal, the idea is to pull the "long" direction back into square.  Well almost.   And then, after grinding the screws a 1/2" shorter and making skinny pilot holes, screwed the rest down.    Cleats were screw and glued to the aprons, a ;look at the mess?


The center cleat.   Note on the apron where two holes are?  Counter-bored to accept plugs later( Walnut, Cherry, or Pine?) The cleat on an end?


Ah, three holes?  well, when the center strips out, one adds a few more.   Someday, this shop will have the right sized screws for the job, maybe.   Flipped the unit up on the bottom stretchers


Looking a bit better?  The ugly hole will get a drawer in it later, I HOPE.    Anyway. with the unit sitting up where I can actually work on it, and see what I am doing.   Needed to size, at least roughly, a plywood panel.  Tape measure to find the length and widths.   A 4' level as a straight edge ( works good, as long as it doesn't MOVE on you) and get out a vintage saw or two...


Yep, an all metal Sears Craftsman 7-1/4" saw.  Sitting on the off-cuts.   Never mind that can...

Needed to cut notches, though, as the legs wanted to "intrude" on things


Took the now sized panel and marked where the notches will be


Once all four were marked up, clamped the panel back down to the bench, again.  And grabbed yet another "Vintage saw"


When was the last time B&D made an all metal sabre saw?   Ok, got the four notches cut



And tried a test fit.....hmm, straight edge must have moved?  Needed to scribe a line from 1/4" down to zero along the one edge.  Clamped the panel back onto the bench, circular saw to cut  the line.   Another test fit....will work, IF I set it in a certain way.    Filled the rebates with Elmers, set the panel in....and reset the panel in,   Hammer to persuade things a bit.   Nailed the panel down with 5/8" brads held with needle nose pliers ( aka finger savers).   Then a palm sander to sand the plywood a bit as it was rough.    Went over all flat areas with a sander and 60 grit squares.  Looking a little better, now


and added some feet to the legs


To save the kitchen floor.   Next up? Well, after all that dust settles, might try my hand at drawer making......stay tuned to this Very Batty Channel.....

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Since you mentioned it John, I wonder if any of the wood working or other shows like this have any "blooper" shows?

When we're watching them you just know they made some goofs along the way.



I would almost bet they do. Things just happen and they have to happen to all of us at some point and time.

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