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steven newman

Refurbbing a GEM

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Had an old mitrebox, garage sale item.   It is a folding type from GEM.   You unfold it at the jobsite, screw it down or just a couple clamps.   Was starting to look a bit worn out.


May have been used a bit too long?   Decided to replace the old sides with some new pine.  Took one of the old ones off as a pattern


Pine was some 1x3 stuff.   Made a matched set.   Drilled the holes for screws to be used as mounting hardware, drilled for the brass rod that keeps the sides from folding up on the user ( need to make a new one), and rounded over one edge.   Router bit wasn't quite enough roundover, so, a block plane and a strip of sanding belt to get it better.   Needed some pilot holes on the end grain for the pivot screws, set the pair into the vise, marked the locations


And I think I have just the right drill for the holes, and cordless one


single speed stanley 602, I think...

Test fits showed one side was about spot one


But the other was a hair too tight.   Block plane to adjust.   Folded it up to check things out


Then added some of that SMELLY BLO to the new wood, and unfolded it to dry


Adda backsaw


and we are ready to go to work.    need to transfer the art work to the new wood, though.


Haven't figured that out just yet.  Not a bad afternoon project?

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