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John Moody

Shop ReDo is Finished - Well Almost!

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Well my shop ReDo is complete with the exception of hooking up the DC to the table saw, jointer and router table. I had planed to do that last night and picked up the PVC pipe but when I got home I realized I didn't have any PVC glue. Plenty of cleaner, but no glue so I decided to do a few other things and finish that tonight.


I flipped the table saw around from where it once was giving me more open area behind the saw and a place that when we bring wood into the shop we are at either the chop saw or table saw to start.






The Band saw stayed close to where it was but is now on wheels and I can push it back against the wall and pull it out to make cuts.




By the Band Saw is one of my Display cabinets with some of the wooden planes and inside are some of my old wrenches.




My jointer now sits at the end of my table saw giving me room to run longer boards across it and to use it without being in the way of someone at the drum sander.




I just realized I didn't take a shot of the router table, but it now sits right across from the jointer and again gives plenty of infeed and outfeed room.


My Planer is now in the middle of the room and connected to is own DC. This way I don't have any DC pipe work on the floor and it keeps the center of the room open from pipe hanging down from the ceiling.




I moved my lathe out of the corner to give me better access to it and the clamps so they wouldn't fall on my when I stumbled into the tight corner. This also moved my sharpening station up closer to the lathe.




I moved my sanding station to the very back and against one of the pull up doors. We haven't open those doors in years so I might as well make use of the space in front of them.




The drum sander has been moved to the back of the shop in an area where the planer occupied. I have done away with the legs that came with it since they stuck out and took up lots of room. Right now it is sitting on an antique Cherry Gate leg table. Nice Planer stand right? As soon as i can I am building a cabinet to put under it with storage for the rolls of different grit paper to use on the drum sander.




I still have a few more areas to organize a little better. I have lots of plastic bins now to put things in and they are clear so I can see what is in them. Now I am ready to get started working in the new area and see if it works as good as it looked on paper.




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Oooh, it is clean.  I expect to see it this clean in March.

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Nice job John!

I know that it will make your lives easier working in there now. I am sure that you will have to make a few "Tweaks" once you get back to working in there as a shop is always a work in progress.

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VERY nice shop and I am jealous of all the space and big tools you have. My half garage space is OK, but I sure miss my big shop. 

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