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Of the three newest planes from the Meet & Greet.  LONG plane, sometimes called a jointer plane, sometimes a Try plane.  This one took almost the full day in the shop.  It did have a few "issues" to deal with, not the least was this thing where a handle should be.



It is attached by a dowel down into the old handle's base.   UGLY thing.   Awaiting to find a pattern to make the correct handle.   The iron needed a few items done.  Flatten the iron itself. as it had a bend to it.   Needed the back flattened and the top ground to remove a "mushroomed " edge.   Iron was a hair too wide, since the wood body had shrunk.   Chipbreaker needed tuned up.  Wedge needed a little clean up.  Put them back together, and set of a test track......not too good, as soon as the mouth got past the start of the board, it quit cutting.   Take it apart, survey the sole...


Well for one thing, the mouth wasn't even square to the body, and had a curve to it, to boot


Chisels, rasps, and a file with 60 grit sandpaper wrapped around it.   Worked until the opening was square, and the bed was flatter. 


Much better.  Next, laid a straightedge along the sole itself......there is a hump right behind the mouth opening, and the heel  had one too.    Grabbed a few planes, and worked the sole flat and smooth.   Checked to make sure it wasn't twisted, and was at least close to square to the sides.   Kept checking with the good straight edge


until the sole was almost like new


and I even took a block plane and cut a small champfer along the edges, to ease the sharp corners a bit.   Time to try this set up again, so set up a new test track of pine


I think that will do nicely.   Now, I need to get that thing off the back off the plane.   Need to find a pattern for a tote/handle.   REAL SOON. 

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Dug up a pattern of the webbie, then discovered I alreadt had a "pattern" of sorts  a Ohio Tool co. #81


seems to be almost the same model, except the newest one is by Auburn of NY.     Auburn and Ohio Tool Co.  merged back in the 1880s.  


Just have to find some 5/4 Beech and get to cutting....

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