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steven newman

Working my way through a LARGE box

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That came out of Southern Cal.   Seems about five block planes were hiding in there...


with a very OLD Stanley 9-1/2 leading the way.  Took a few days to refurbish all five of these, two days actually.  Things as simple as removing all the rust and grime. Have a H-F drill press set up for this sort of thing


along with a few other brass wire brushes.   Paint brush with a wee bit of 3in1 Oil on it, to scrub away the grime.  Sharpened all but ONE iron.  It was just too short to do.  Set up a test track of White Oak.


The old 9-1/2 decided not to do a test drive.   Pin to advance the short iron was too worn down, anyway, next, the "other" 9-1/2post-3502-0-63046400-1419604550.jpg

Quite a bit newer, and it did make a shaving or two.  Next, a Stanley 9-1/4


Stanley made this to look like the 9-1/2s but these did not have the adjustable mouth.  I use a 1" x 30" beltsander to get an edge close to sharp, then an oil stone, then some 2500 grit to polish.  Next was a Stanley #220



These used a screw to advance/retract the sharp edge.   These are also about an inch longer than the 9s were.

Finally in this line up.   This is a Buck Brothers #110 wannabe.   The sides were painted a gray colour.  Went to remove the paint on the belt sander......found pot metal!   Ok, ground the sole flat as well, and gave the sides and sole a good,  mirror like polish.    Sharpen the iron up, and test drive it a bit


I guess SHARP is everything.  Sides aren't too hateful, either


And now the "after shot"  of the Parade



Not too bad?   Well, stay tuned, as there are a few more planes in that LARGE box of goodies...

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