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John Morris

You Know Your a Woodworker When

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You can say crotchwood with a straight face.

You can spend the whole day in the shop, accomplish little if anything, and thoroughly enjoy it.

You know exactly where to find anything in the shop....except a pencil.

You remove more splinters from your hands in a week than normal people do in ten years.

You can correctly pronounce Padauk and Lignum Vitae.


The term "Rockwell Hardness" is an important part of your knowledge base.


You know why there is a "T" in Jointer and can't understand why spell check highlights it.


You consider Abrams, Ramsey, Hayakawa, Taylor, and more, friends though you've never met them.

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You know you're a woodworker when you make kindling, not mistakes.


You know you're a woodworker when you know the difference between a mortise and a tenon or a rail and a stile.


When you have 6 bags of sawdust and don't know what to do with them.  (come see the porch on my barn for proof)

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